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Modern, advanced technology & facilities is something that we all look for in a quality clinic, obviously it make for more precise and painless treatment, as well as making the treatment easier to assess and carry out out for the clinics staff -

- but just how do you find out how "modern" or "advanced" the actual technology and facilities in any particular clinic are?

The GCR makes this instantly easy by assessing a clinics technology, facilities & non-medical facilities for you against international medical standards and giving it a Facilities Score. The GCR Facilities Score makes up one of the 4 "GCR Pillars" that we use to judge the overall apparent quality standard of any particular clinic in the world.

Here's a brief overview of what the GCR looks for when assessing the facilities of a particular healthcare clinic, whatever branch of medicine they focus on:

  • The location of the laboratory that the clinic uses
  • The quality of the diagnostic devices used (x-rays, CT-scans, MRI etc)
  • The special medical facilities & technology available (medical technology specific to the chosen medical field)
  • The number and quality of the non-medical facilities available (parking, disabled access, wifi etc)
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The above items and much more are all computed against the currently available international data in GCR's algorithm, which generates a GCR Facilities Score for the clinic.

This is all then computed using the currently available data in GCR's algorithm, which generates a clinics GCR Facilities Score.

GCR accredited & verified clinics can access the breakdown of their GCR Facilities score, compare it against of their clinics, and see which areas they need to work on to improve.

Note: The GCR Facilities Score for any particular clinic will change regularly as new technology is introduced and old technology becomes "outdated"

The facilities of any particular medical clinic does not focus on the expertise needed to use the special facilities, the patient feedback about the facilities or services available in the clinic, all that is covered in another section of the GCR Score.

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