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GCR Score - Expertise

Clinics Temple Expertise

Judging the expertise & experience available in any particular clinic has proven to be one of the hardest tasks for patients when considering a healthcare clinic to attend for medical treatment.

However the GCR makes this instantly easy by assessing a clinic's expertise & experience for you against international medical standards and giving it an Expertise Score.

(The GCR Expertise Score makes up one of the 4 "GCR Pillars" that we use to judge the overall apparent quality standard of any particular clinic in the world)

There are 100's of factors that make up a clinic's expertise score, however here's a brief overview of what the GCR looks for when assessing the expertise of a particular healthcare clinic, whatever branch of medicine they focus on:

  • How long has the clinic been serving the public at it's current location?
  • The level and number of certifications, accreditations, awards that the clinic has gained.
  • Number of years of postgraduate practical experience of each doctor.
  • The number of languages spoken fluently by the clinic team.
  • The level and number of degrees, certifications, accreditations, awards for each doctor.
  • The number of medical specialists available.
  • Whether the specialists available work full-time or part time for the clinic.
  • The guarantee they give behind the medical treatments that these experts perform.
  • The success rates of the treatment carried out at the particular clinic.
Gcr Expertise Ico

The above items and much more are all computed against the currently available international data in GCR's algorithm, which generates a GCR Expertise Score for the clinic.

Only GCR accredited & verified clinics can access the breakdown of their GCR expertise score, compare it against other clinics, and see which areas they need to work on to improve.

Note: The GCR Expertise Score for any particular clinic will rise slightly each year organically, as a clinic serves it's patients longer at it's current location and the doctors there gain more years of experience.

The expertise of any particular medical clinic does not focus on the technology used, the patient feedback or services available in the clinic, that's covered in another section of the GCR Score.

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