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Maximize your clinic reputation with benchmarking reports

Your clinics reputation directly affects how much patients will pay for your treatments, and how many patients your will treat today, this month, and this year. With the GCR’s benchmarking report, you can understand this link – and see how to use it to your advantage.

The GCR benchmarking report helps individual healthcare practices, clinics, and outpatient centers increase revenue by showing how each clinic is scored against the top clinics in their country and worldwide, providing specific, actionable insights to improve the reputation of your clinic.

Developed in collaboration with leading healthcare experts & healthcare clinic owners, the GCR benchmarking report is the first international provider of healthcare clinic reputation analysis to help healthcare clinic owners make better-informed decisions about what to do and focus on next to improve their clinics in the eyes of their patients.

The GCR benchmarking report utilizes the date of the GCR Clinic Index, the international standard of apparent clinic quality.

All GCR certified clinics receive an updated GCR benchmarking report each month, and have access to instant GCR reports via our admin area.

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How It Works

The GCR Benchmarking reports lets individual clinics, practices and healthcare centres measure precisely their apparent reputation (clinic expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback) in relation to other clinics within the same town, country or worldwide.

Using the data provided from high-scoring clinics worldwide, The GCR benchmarking report then provides each clinic with specific practical recommendations on where to focus improvement efforts to increase the revenue, reputation and GCR Score of the clinic.

"The GCR Benchmarking Report not only gives us a clear picture of how potential patients see our clinic, where opportunities to increase reputation exist, but also of how our clinic compares to other clinics and what we need to do to be better than them.”

Clinic Manager, Smile Clinic

GCR Benchmarking Report Benefits

  • Clinic Expertise - see exactly how many years of experience, further studies needed, or new specialized staff members are needed to get your clinic to the next level.
  • Clinic Facilities - see precisely what technology you need to invest in your clinic to keep your clinic in line with the best clinics.
  • Clinic Services - see in-depth lists of services other clinics provide to their patients any what you can do immediately to appear a better option for potential new patients.
  • Clinic Feedback - notice the total and score of every patient review you've ever received online, and see how much is needed to bring you in line with the top clinics.

Request A Free Benchmarking Report For Your Clinic