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What does GCR clinic accreditation mean?

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  1. GCR accreditation means that your clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards .
  2. It shows that your clinic has been officially monitored, independently checked on quality, and is using the data collected by the GCR to help them improve the level of expertise, facilities, services and patient care.
  3. It shows that your clinic has demonstrated that they provide the same or higher quality of treatment as all other clinics that display the GCR accreditation star.
  4. It provides you with a whole list of benefits and help only applicable to GCR accredited clinics (listed below).
  5. It's being able to demonstrate to your patients that you rank among the best, and you being able to put this on your marketing materials, in your reception area and a sticker on your clinic door.

How is GCR accreditation different?

Many other medical clinic certifications and accreditations, like the ISO certification for example are hugely beneficial and a core part of the GCR ranking. However they currently monitor only how you provide your medical services, and not the expertise or facilities or patient feedback of your clinic.

Patients often have trouble understanding what ISO certification means, and as JCI accreditation applies only to hospitals, there is currently no international equivalent for medical clinics for patients apart from GCR accreditation.

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How is the "GCR international accreditation standard" determined?

The GCR international standard of apparent clinic quality is taken from the GCR's ongoing assessment of now over 410,000 clinics worldwide, that have been in existence for at least 1 year. Any clinic that has a GCR Score of 3.0 or above is currently considered to be above the international standard (the top 10% of clinics in the world).

Unfortunately, the current worldwide average GCR Score is much less than 2.0, and that's why were working hard to increase awareness of the top clinics, and inspire clinic to be better.

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The information needed for creating a clinics GCR Score is provided:

  1. by the clinic themselves (verified)
  2. by public information available on the internet (unverified)
  3. by the GCR personally if a clinic is GCR accredite
  4. by aggregating reviews of the clinic from independent websites

How are accredited clinics ranked / assessed?

Clinics are assessed on 4 criteria (the GCR pillars), and over 100 specialized ranking factors applicable specifically to medical clinics:

  1. The level of expertise & experience available in the clinic
  2. The level of facilities available in the clinic
  3. The level of services provided by the clinic
  4. The level and number of reviews available about the clinic

How does the GCR help accredited clinics?

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Apart from officially verifying that your clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards, the GCR offers many benefits to GCR accredited clinics such as:

  • A3 official certificate sent to your clinic by courier for your clinic wall
  • A4 pdf certificate for your reception
  • GCR official accredited stickers for your clinic door / window
  • GCR official accredited badges for your website / brochures with your clinic name on it
  • Your clinic appears as "Accredited" on the GCR website
  • Your clinic has a direct link to your clinics website from it's GCR profile
  • GCR benchmarking reports enabled - see exactly how your clinic compares to any other clinic in the world and how your GCR has improved / declined over time
  • See all your clinic reviews in one place
  • Use of the GCR review display widget
  • Full access to the GCR guides and resources for clinic owners
  • Full access to the clinic owners forum
  • 24/7 email access to our team of medical clinic experts to ask any question you like concerning medical clinics around the world and their problems / solutions
  • Your clinic will appear as "internationally accredited" on all the GCR's partner websites
  • Full promotion of your clinics international accreditation in our country reports & videos which are covered by local and international media as well as on our social media channels
  • Discounts to GCR events & seminars

...and much more to come as the GCR grows around the world.

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Which clinics are eligible for GCR Accreditation?

For a clinic to be officially accredited by the GCR, the clinic has to: M Dental

  1. be more than 1 year in operation at their current address,
  2. have at least 5 independent patient reviews displayed somewhere on the public Internet
  3. have a GCR Score of 3.0+

The GCR accreditation is applicable to physical clinic locations, so multiple clinics under the same brand have to apply separated for each location. 

How many clinics are GCR Accredited?

Hundreds of clinics worldwide of every medical type have been considered for GCR accreditation during 2015, and the number is rising daily.

Is GCR Accreditation worth the cost?

GCR accreditation is in our opinion the most cost effective way to get internationally recognized and long-term, fact based support to improve your clinic.

It's also one of the best gifts to can give to your clinic and it's future patients. Helio Dental Clinic Egypt

  • GCR accredited clinics usually get their investment back within a matter of hours, when potential patients have more trust in them and come to them because they are proven to have international standards.
  • It's like having an extra person in your clinics team who works on your clinic reputation every day of the year - without paying the monthly expense of the wages for this employee
  • Patients who look for the best clinics, are not focused on the cost - they're much better patients to work with in the long-term
  • Non-GCR accredited clinics will not be recognized by patients who look for quality and results first instead of price.
  • Accredited clinics have access to information about what other clinics, have and do - collecting this type of information would take months of consultancy fees by an international company.

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What does your clinic need to do to be GCR Accredited?

After requesting an accreditation review via our online form and paying the fee, your GCR Ranking will be updated to "officially accreditation" on our website, and a direct link to your clinic will also appear if someone clicks on your clinic.

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  • Benchmarking reports will be enabled in your clinics admin area, showing how you rank against other clinics, and areas of possible improvement.
  • A GCR accreditation evaluator will be scheduled to verify all the information we have on your clinic. This will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.
  • After you've been through the evaluation, you will be formally notified of your new GCR score and accreditation status.
  • A framed certificate will be sent by courier direct to your clinic for you to display on the clinics premises, along with an official GCR window sticker, and a badge for your website & marketing materials.
  • Over the following weeks and months, all the above mentioned GCR clinic benefits will be applied to your clinic.

Our team is always available to help you with this process, although any telephone interviews, verifications & consultations are carried out in English, you may arrange translation if needed.

Contact us today, and we'll get started on accrediting your clinic within 24 hours.

To your clinic success,

Your friends at the GCR