Why are photos on your website important for patients?

The main source of information about your clinic should be present on your clinic website. Any visit of your website can either convince the patient to become your customer, or on the contrary discourage him so he finds another suitable clinic for his treatment. What kind of information are patients looking for on your website?

One of the most important part of clinic’s website is gallery. Every patient wants to imagine what expectations can one have while visiting your clinic. Your gallery should include not only pictures of your medical team – doctors, nurses, specialists and reception staff, but also photos of the clinic itself from outside and inside. This includes the available facilities at the clinic, reception area, waiting room and treatment rooms. Why is it so important? Giving the patient the feeling of atmosphere at the clinic motivates him to choose the clinic which meets his expectations.

Have you ever think about what kind of pictures are patients interested in while looking at your website?

GCR would like to give you some light on this topic, in order to help you improving your website gallery sections to better convert patients.

In general, all the pictures should meet this criteria;

  • Family-friendly – pictures should express warmth of the place and welcoming atmosphere of the clinic from the entrance to treatment room. Show your smiley clinic staff in real situations – welcoming patients at reception desk, doctors making treatments or patient manager discussing the treatment with a patient.
  • Original – don’t include images from other sources. No copied images, which are not taken in your clinic. Show that you are original, and that your clinic is not like the others. Give the patients real expectations.
  • Relevant – no photos, images, or materials that have no relevance to the clinic, location, or patient experience. Pictures taken before and after treatment are not that interesting, since every patient case is individual, and nobody wants to look at the other patients mouth. It doesn’t look any good neither.
  • Non-commercial – No photos that include flyers, promotional material, or any other content intended for commercial purposes. These you can share on your social medias or in separate section, but not in your clinic gallery. Patients expects to find there pictures of your clinic premises instead.
  • Pictures properties:
    • Landscape layout (more wide than tall) will generally look better than portrait layout (more tall than wide).
    • Daily-light pictures as most of your patient visit your during the day
    • Photos should not be altered in any way that distorts the scene being depicted.
    • No blurry, dark, or otherwise difficult to view photos.
    • No sideways photos
    • Photos of the clinic or location are more helpful to patients than photos from the clinic, such as a scenic view.
    • Photos of nearby locations or staff should be avoided.
    • Clinic logos or business cards cannot serve as a primary photos.
    • Contact information cannot be included in the photo.

Make your patients feel the atmosphere of the clinic displayed on your website and don’t disappoint them afterwards. Show your real faces and smiles, and give your patients warmth welcome when they enter your clinic too. Be consistent on your website and within the clinic and you won’t surprise the patients in an unpleasant way.

What are good examples of photos to be uploaded in your profile?

  • Clinic picture from the outside
  • Medical Team of the Clinic
  • Photo of Clinic’s Reception and its staff
  • Clinic from the inside – equipment  and facilities
  • Equipped treatment rooms
  • Facilities with short description
Imperial Dental Specialist Centre
Polyclinic Rident – Rijeka
Rose Dental Clinic
Malo Clinic Lisbon

What are bad examples of photos to be uploaded in your profile?

  • Pictures of patients before and after the treatment
  • Advertisement pictures
  • pictures with contact information
  • Photos of X-rays
  • Created Designs

To your clinic success!

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