Why are patient case studies so important for your clinic?

Case Studies are really important part of clinic promotion. The potential patients usually use them as instructive examples, once they might experience similar problems or might undertake similar medical treatment. In the medical field, the patient case study should describe the progress during the certain medical case – showcasing patient BEFORE and AFTER the treatment.

Patient Case Study used in Hair Transplant Clinic


Main benefits

✓ in general, Google ranks higher those websites, which have their content updated on a regular basis (think news sites)

✓ Google also ranks higher those websites, which are larger in content (typical clinic website has only 5 to 10 pages)

✓ publishing just one new case study every week will increase the page content of your website by 52 pages per year and ensure that there’s regular new, fresh content on your website

✓ on average, patients need 5 to 7 points of contact before they gain trust in your clinic. Case studies give you an excellent way to do this on a regular basis without trying to sell anything

Create outstanding case studies online

✓ every week, take a case study of 1 patient whom you have treated in your clinic

✓ take before & after photos or scans (Xray, MRI, Ultrasound, …).

NOTE: Ensure that this is in accordance with the government’s legislation in your country

✓ write a brief paragraph consisting of the background information of the case

✓ include the patient’s after-treatment review, testimonial or outcome. TIP: video testimonials are more effective than those which are written only An official GCRTM “Best Practice” resources

✓ the page name/header should contain the patient’s phrase used in their review or testimonial.

TIP: make sure to be using phrases that patients often use and therefore search for in Google

✓ create a separate page for every unique case study

✓ make sure the case studies page is visible / highlighted on your homepage

Dramatically increase the conversion rate of booking patients

✓ at least once a week, send out your case studies to your list of potential patients who haven’t booked the treatment yet

✓ share all case studies on all your social media channels, newsletters, …

✓ this should ideally be done by your clinic’s admin staff so that your doctors can fully focus on your patients

If you’ll have any positive or surprising results from making these case studies, share those with us at contact@gcr.org or share on your social media channels using #gcrtips

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