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I don’t know about you, but when I’m waiting to see a medical doctor, I can be pretty tired. Exhausted from waking up far too early, spending hours on the plane or in the car, catching connections, finding my way around…. I’m ready for a sanctuary from this chaos.

That moment I finally arrive and step foot in your clinic, I don’t just need a hospital – I need hospital-ity. A true welcome. We’ve been looking forward to your visit. The feeling of being expected and among friends.

Great clinics – anticipate needs and state of mind.

Welcome me with a drink, present me with my welcome pack, make sure I’m aware of all the facilities & services on offer, and have the patient manager give a tour around the clinic to make me feel like a VIP.

I firmly believe that just taking a few minutes to say hello and talk increases the odds of someone liking you 5,000%

By being genuinely excited to see patients, and taking time out of your busy schedules to do this tour, you can make your patients feel like VIPs. Yes, the clinic facilities might be incredible, but it’s the personal expression of hospitality that sets the tone for the rest of the stay.

Your clinic welcome – sets the tone for the rest of the stay.

If you start out the visit to the clinic with a very warm, welcoming, personal experience, your guests will spend the rest of their stay looking for other things you do well. Beginning with the personal connection puts the patient on your side. It creates a mindset where they’ll start looking for other things you do well, and give you the benefit of the doubt if anything doesn’t go well. They like you, they like the clinic, and they’re going to find everything they can to confirm that.

“A great welcome is like giving your patients a pair of rose-colored glasses to look through for the rest of their visit to your clinic.”

How do you make your patients feel like they are the long-anticipated arrivals that you are so happy to have? That they are truly welcome?

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