Understanding Dentistry: Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (also known as “endodontic treatment” or “tooth nerve treatment”) usually refers to the cleaning and filling of the roots of teeth that have become inflamed or infected.

Root canal treatment is used to save a tooth which is badly infected or decayed. The problem is caused by either infected or damaged pulp, which consists of the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue.

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How does the procedure look like?

Firstly, the pulp is removed and later on, the inner part of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Many patients are scared to undergo the root canal treatment because they think that this procedure is really painful. The majority of people report that the root canal therapy is no more painful than having a filling placed.

The absence or presence of a pulp will not affect the everyday functioning of the tooth, but after the treatment, the tooth is less viable. Moreover, there is the bigger possibility of fracture or other dental issues.

When do you need Root Canal Treatment?

You may notice certain symptoms, once you need Root Canal Treatment, but sometimes there are no symptoms:

  • Tooth pain by chewing/eating/drinking/outside pressure
  • Having a recurring or a persistent pimple on the gums
  • Feeling tenderness or swelling in the gums
  • Discolouration of your tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity

Choosing a suitable clinic for this treatment

This treatment should be done by a specialised Endodontist where possible. In the USA during 2005-2006 it was estimated that 15.1 million root canal treatments were performed annually.

Choosing a suitable clinic for Root Canal Treatment starts with correct dental diagnostics usually involving an OPG x-ray or CT-scan supported by the experience of an Endodontist (not a regular dentist) and their specialised team. Surgery should be performed using proven, high-grade root filling material, and done under a microscope or loupes.

As Root Canal Treatment is classified as outpatient surgery, it is also worthwhile looking at the level of comfort and extra services provided in your chosen dental clinic.

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Treatment Time 

The time involved with patients needing root canal treatment usually involves 1-3 hours.

Clinic & Patient Outcomes 

Root canal treatment aims to relieve the patient of the pain occurring with tooth roots that have become infected or inflamed.

Success Rates for Root Canal Treatment

GCR looks at the long-term success rate of Root Canal Treatment in patients and if the patient is continually free of pain, able to chew and the tooth is not needing extraction. The Worldwide success rate for Root Canal treatment: 68%-87%

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

US average cost of Root Canal Treatment: $700-900. Results were taken from our 2017 assessment of 127,000 dental clinics who offer tooth crowns in 126 countries where Root Canal Treatment is provided. 

Prices of favourite dental tourism destinations

Poland – 50 € – 250 €

Slovakia – 100 € – 300 €

Germany – price start from 250 €

Hungary – 50 € – 200 €

Australia – $2000-$3400

India – price start from 75 €

UAE – price start from 180 €

Costa Rica – 170 € – 350 €

The cost of root canal treatment is usually charged per canal (teeth usually have 2-4 canals, however not all of them may be infected). It is much more difficult to repair a failed root canal treatment, therefore the costs for retreatment are usually much higher.

Top Clinics Worldwide – Root Canal Treatment

  1. Kalmar Implant Dentistry d.o.o. (Croatia)
  2. Dentocare Dental & Implant Centre (India)
  3. FMS Dental Hospitals (India)
  4. Dentim Europe (Poland)
  5. Tooth & Go Dental Clinic (Philippines)
  6. HD Dental (Hungary)
  7. Helvetic Clinics (Hungary)
  8. Polyclinic Rident – Rijeka (Croatia)
  9. Centrum Stomatologii Luxdentica (Poland)
  10. Gerochi Dental & Implant Center (Philippines)

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