UAE: Top Medical Clinics Visit Report

During the closing month of 2017, members of the GCR team had the opportunity to visit & meet numerous medical clinics in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, directly after their visit to medical clinics in Italy, and Lebanon before moving onto Egypt and Estonia.

This was the 46th anniversary since the founding of the United Arab Emirates and it was amazing to see how fast the development of quality healthcare had developed using best practices from leading healthcare providers around the world.

Most impressing to our team was the focus on patients rights, and patient-centered care from the reception areas, right through to the collection of patient outcomes wall after medical treatment has been completed.

The range of treatment prices for private healthcare was surprisingly fair too, compared to other countries where the same level of care usually resulted in a much higher fee.

All medical clinics agreed that regulations and laws from the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) were very strict, sometimes considered “over strict” however resulted in the necessary pressure to implement systems and facilities that are on par with the worlds leading clinics.

A list of clinics passing GCR international accreditation in UAE

The GCR team is returning next week (13th-19th of January 2018) to complete the accreditation of more medical clinics in the Jumeirah region. If you have any question or would like to schedule a meeting, contact us at!

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