Turn new year’s resolutions for your clinic into action

A new year is always great opportunity to start or change something in our lives. These rules don’t apply just to our personal/professional lives. We can easily bring the positive change also to the medical facility or clinic.

The begging of the new year is just a perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months and decide what we need to change or improve over the coming year. At GCR, we believe that exceeding patient expectations is great to longtime success. Here are the 4 new year’s resolutions which will help you boost your progress!

1. Start to collect data

In the Age of Data science, it is interesting that still many medical clinics worldwide don’t measure simple data metrics such as patient feedback, numbers of new bookings, numbers of new patient enquiries, overall increase / decrease in clinic revenue, treatment success metrics or even total clinic expenses / overall revenue. Thanks to this information, you can observe what channel works for you, what is the clinic progress or detect the issues connected to the new patient acquisition. Feel free to DOWNLOAD or PREVIEW our GCR Official Performance Data Collection Sheet.

2. Increase reputation of your clinic with GCR

In recent years, the reputation of a clinic has emerged as the critical factor in a clinic’s progress. According to a GCR survey, increasing the clinic’s reputation was the top investment priority in 2017, outranking renovations to the clinic, staff training, and technology. To help you stay focused, here are 10 essential steps to managing your medical clinic’s reputation.

3. Get more patient reviews online

The emergence of patient-generated reviews has “completely revolutionized” the patient decision-making process. More and more people rely on these reviews to make decisions about which clinic to visit, or continue visiting. This is the reason, why you should review and showcase them on your website or social media. For more information check article “How to increase your patient reviews in 3 steps.”

4. Effective new patients strategy

For every 100 patient leads that a clinic receives online, they get an average of 29 telephone leads and 6 people who walk into the clinic directly to ask about treatment. The success of booking these patient leads varies from 50% down to 1% depending on how good the clinic is in building a relationship with a patient. Find out more about the biggest mistakes in the GCR e-book, which are made by reaching new patients.

Did you manage to stick to these new year’s resolutions? Did you manage to stick to all of them or did you choose just 1 or 2? Which one was the most difficult one for you? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave us some comments on our social media with hashtag #GCR_NYresolution.

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