The 4 Important Elements Of An Outstanding Clinic Website

When reviewing medical clinic websites around the world, I am so often surprised to see how much information is actually missing – information which I know would give the clinic the best chance of proving that the clinic is the right choice for the patient.

Apart from the obvious “contact us” page, “prices” ( if a price page is allowed in your country) & social media links (you are doing social media, aren’t you?) I look out for my “4 pillars” concept on the patient-facing website of every clinic I visit.

p.s. You should use this article as a checklist against your own clinic website, by printing it out and checking off each item.

1. Showing the level of Clinic Expertise available:

Team Photo – A friendly, approachable but professional team photo has proven time and time again as building more trust in the clinic than the typical smiling man / woman / group of smiling people that we see so often on clinic websites.

About Page – NOT a page about how good the clinic thinks it is, but instead a page about the patient – demonstrating why the clinic is the best choice for them.

Clinic Awards / Accreditation / Certifications – I look for anything that shows external proof of the medical teams expertise. Does your clinic team attend educational events and courses? Does your clinic belong to a country medical chamber, official medical organisation or is your clinic GCR accredited? Let your patients know here.

Years of experience / cases competed – obviously patients trust clinics that have long-term experience in their chosen medical field.

Success rates – a hotly-debated topic mainly due to abuse, however certainly something many patients consider as the true measure of clinic expertise.

2. Showing the level of Clinic Facilities available:

Usually many clinics manage to do fine with this, however forget about the non-medical technology & facilities  that so often make a small difference for patients

Medical technology & facilities – Not just the big item, MRI or CTscans but also smaller technological advances show the clinics commitment to keeping up with modern improvements.

Non-medical technology & facilities (the reception areas, wifi, close to public transport, free parking etc)


3. Showing the level of Clinic Services available:

Medical Services  – Here I look for a complete list of treatments available.

Non-Medical Services – Some of the best services are non-medical, such as friendly opening hours, dedicated patient managers, welcome packs etc.

Visible treatment guarantee – Another hot topic, as every medical case is individual, and humans are humans with explainable and unexplained faults, but a good clinic will stand by the medicine & treatments it claims to be an expert in.


4. Showing the level of Patient Feedback available:

Case Studies – Patients want to see visually the difference the clinic makes to peoples lives. Use video & photos.

Patient Reviews on site – Each clinic should be collecting their own feedback in clinic, which can of course be displayed digitally on a website, or have a review widget like the GCR provides for free to verified clinics, where a clinic can collect reviews directly.

Patient Reviews off site – I’d also like to see links to places where patients have left reviews of the clinic elsewhere, like Facebook, Google+, Yelp, or local healthcare clinic directory sites.


Anything else?

A good clinic should certainly be a busy place, but not too busy to grow and develop. You’d certainly get extra points in my eyes for having the following:

  • An active clinic blog
  • Video interviews with the clinic staff
  • Free educational downloads that help patients understand more about the treatments offered by your clinic.

If you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments below. I’d also be happy to look at your clinic website for you. Feel free to contact me personally about this.

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