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Top private clinic trends for 2018

Kristina Fischerova | May 17, 2018

Through assessing almost 500,000 medical clinics worldwide, we really know which clinics are above international standards. Here’s a practical list of 30+ top private clinic trends that we have noticed throughout GCR accredited clinics & hospitals that we’ve worked within 2017……

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9+1 ways to attract more new patients

Kristina Fischerova | May 10, 2018

Visibility is an important part of every business. Even when you provide great services or sell amazing products, it is not easy to reach bigger groups of people without proper marketing. The field of medical facilities is not an exception,…..

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How fast should we reply to patients?

Daniel Coulton Shaw | April 26, 2018

That’s what I’ve heard so far at many medical travel conferences. Replying to a potential patient before any other clinic does increase your chances of winning that patient to your clinic by over 50% as our previous patient surveys have…..

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