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Dental implants in Serbia

Kristina Fischerova | August 20, 2018

Dr Popovic” Dental Clinic belongs to the first private dental practices in Serbia. Therefore we decided to ask this dental clinic some questions regarding medical tourism in Serbia. Dental implants are a trusted and effective solution to many different issues of the…..

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SERBIA: Dental Oral Centar – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

Maria Fecikova | May 28, 2018

Dental Oral Centar, with 34 years of practice in their dental clinic, they have performed over ten thousand FILLINGS, thousands of metal-ceramic, ceramic and zirconium CROWNS. They have also made thousands different types of DENTURES, inserted thousands of dental IMPLANTS, visible…..

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SERBIA: Best Dental Clinics in 2018 (English Speaking)

Kristina Fischerova | May 7, 2018

According to the GCR’s latest analysis of Best Dental Clinics 2018 in Serbia, Dental Oral Centar ranks as the leading clinic in Serbia, when it comes to overall international clinic reputation. A total of 92 dental clinics were included in the study. The average GCR…..

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