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How to Reach New Patients – The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

Daniel Coulton Shaw | July 18, 2017

Today patient considers the Internet as the most trusted source for health information. People are able to find everything they need online and healthcare industry is not excluded. How to reach new patients online? 80% of Internet users go online to…..

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GCR Webinar 1: “Best Medical Practice”

Maria Fecikova | July 17, 2017

Daniel C. Shaw & Alex Zakucia from GCR.org share Ideas & tips from the best practices of medical clinics around the world in their first GCR Webinar. 3.20: – “How can I attract more international patients?” 3.30 “Be Specific!” –…..

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Why Reputation Is The Key to Clinic Success?

Maria Fecikova | February 2, 2017

Someone has spent years of energy building the medical service you represent – maybe that person is even you – I don’t know. But as a medical clinic founder myself, I know first-hand the huge amounts of invested time, money,…..

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