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Croatia: Akromion Special Hospital for Orthopedic Surgery – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

Kristina Fischerova | June 6, 2018

Akromion – Special Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery is a GCR internationally accredited in 2 specializations – orthopaedics and radiology. This hospital is the largest private orthopaedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia. Akromion – TOP orthopaedic surgery hospital in Croatia Hospital Akromion (GCR score…..

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Understanding Dentistry: Why dental tourism is good for you?

Daniel Coulton Shaw | June 3, 2018

Research now confirms that dental tourism has definitive health benefits. Aside from getting a beautiful new smile and saving lots of money in the process, researchers have now proven that travel provides benefits to longevity and sustained health. Researchers from…..

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Top private clinic trends for 2018

Kristina Fischerova | May 17, 2018

Through assessing almost 500,000 medical clinics worldwide, we really know which clinics are above international standards. Here’s a practical list of 30+ top private clinic trends that we have noticed throughout GCR accredited clinics & hospitals that we’ve worked within 2017……

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