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Healthcare-Choices.com – making it easy to find treatment centres abroad

Maria Fecikova | October 18, 2016

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular as a way to take advantage of reasonably priced, high quality healthcare abroad. Now, thanks to Healthcare-Choices.com, medical professionals and patients easily find treatment facilities abroad. Thanks to its well-developed and searchable data base,…..

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How to display the Global Clinic Rating Score

Maria Fecikova | August 7, 2016

The Global Clinic Rating was created to improve transparency by providing patients with a fact-based statement about the level of standards available any healthcare clinic, anywhere in the world. The GCR Score tells the public whether a clinic is a 3,4…..

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Poland: Top 10 Dental Clinic Rankings 2016

Maria Fecikova | February 25, 2016

Results now available for the latest 2016 analysis of dental clinics in Poland by the GCR In the GCR’s latest analysis of dental clinics in Poland, Dentim Europe ranks as the leading clinic in Katowice and the whole of Poland, when…..

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