SERBIA: Dental Clinic Dr. Popovic – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

Dental Clinic Dr.Popovic, a dental practice with over 30 years of providing dental services to patients. As one of the first private dental practices in Serbia, they offer a wide array of dental services, with main focus on oral surgery and implantology, regeneration procedures of soft and hard tissues, parodontology and prosthodontics.

Dental Clinic Dr.Popovic ranks in Top 10 Dental clinics in Serbia. With the GCR score of 3.5/5 it belongs to the top dental clinics in Beograd, Serbia. The clinic staff at Dental Clinic Dr. Popovic includes range of specialists from variety of departments such as Dental Surgery and Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment). This clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.

The clinic was officially visited and accredited by the GCR team in June 2017.
This family oriented clinic served thousands of satisfied clients, not only from Serbia but from all over the world. They are proud of their high quality standards for very low prices, individual approach and a high level of organization. Dr. Nemanja is continuously improving his expertise with education in the country & abroad and he speaks English very well.

GCR Expert verdict: Highly Recommended

Languages spoken at the clinic include English, Italian, French, and German.

Practice is equipped with up-to- date advanced technology, such as the soft tissue laser, CAD/CAM set up, apex locator, digital intraoral camera and many other. This is just one of the advantages that sets them apart from the competition.


In the three decades of providing top quality dental services, they have successfully served thousands of satisfied clients, not only from Serbia but from all over the world. Dr Dragoslav Popovic, founder of their practice with over 35 years of experience, had a vision to build a family oriented clinic for patients of all ages, which he has successfully accomplished.  His vision was shared and perfected by his son, Master of  Science and a Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology, Dr.Nemanja Popovic who is successfully running the Clinic for the past 10 years.

More and more clients from all of the world are visiting their clinic. The increase of their numbers is easily explained with Belgrade being a popular tourist destination and with top quality dental services that they provide at lowest prices available.

Dental Clinic Dr.Popovic and staff are one of the only in this field that can offer a complete package of services to clients – not only dental services but also all the services that one might need in all aspects of dental tourism such as: arrival organization, accommodation, activities in Belgrade and the region, translator services when required, etc. This services has become a part of their family tradition.

When we asked Dr.Popovic what are the main aspects that make this clinic so successful, he answered;

“We are a family practice, with 30 years of providing dental healthcare to all generations. Our clinic feels like at home and we always give our best to make our patients feel welcome and cozy. We have a personalized approach to every patient, not just when it comes to the treatment, but also in meeting any needs that they might have while staying in Belgrade. Members of our staff speak many languages which makes patients feel safe, relaxed and satisfied, in line with our primary goals.”

“We are proud of having experts who are always working on perfecting their skills and providing top of the line services. We also use the latest technologies and keep up with latest trends in dentistry, to give our patients the best care possible. Thousands of satisfied customers and their recommendations are our biggest reward.”

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