Script Every Patient Interaction

We’ve discovered that most top GCR clinics script every patient interaction.

Knowing what to say all the time greatly enhances every interaction with patients. Top scoring GCR clinics use staff meetings to review and role-play training scripts as these scripts make everyone more confident answering patient questions and addressing concerns.

The goal is to script every routine conversation that you have in-person, on the phone or via email. Otherwise, staff members often have trouble communicating the right message to patients.

The more scripts your clinic uses, the better trained everyone on the team will be. When staff members know what to say during every type of patient interaction, they will be able to provide a higher quality of customer service to patients.

Powerful scripts increase the number of patients who schedule, pay on time, accept treatment and refer others to the clinic.

One useful piece of free software for collecting and organizing patient scripts is Evernote. Here you can also search, share and edit particular scripts within seconds.

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how your clinic handles scripts and which one you use the most, or work best for you…

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