Why It’s Important to Monitor The Name Of Your Medical Clinic

Your clinics name is a priceless asset. Whether you’re a 14 chair/bed clinic, a couple of dentists just out of school, or an experienced implantologist, working alone, your clinic name is that which carries the most value for your long term. Why It’s important to monitor the name of your medical clinic?

A clinics name is valuable because it carries your clinics reputation. Every patient who finds you online, hears about you, or sees you as they walk by is going to potentially remember and judge you not by your skills as a medical professional, but as a clinic as a whole, and the name they remember.

Only those patients who you have treated directly will know the real you. That’s why your clinic name is so important. You need to protect it with, well, your life. And the best way to protect your clinic name is by monitoring it regularly.

Monitoring your clinic name is the simple act of awareness. You must know what people are saying about you. It’s impossible to control everything that is written about you. But even though you may not be able to control that published content, you can at least know and respond to it. Monitoring your clinic name is a two-step process. First, you figure out what is being communicated about your clinic. Second, you respond appropriately.

We need to establish how to do that first and crucial step — listening to what is being said. Here’s a simple process.

1. Google your clinic’s name

If you haven’t done it in a while, Google your clinic’s name. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

A simple query with your clinic name in it will show you the most relevant and recent information, albeit algorithmically derived.

What if you have a common name, like “All Smiles” or “Dr. Johns Clinic”? If you have a name that is shared by other clinics, then you need to create a distinguishing element connected to your name.

So your name is Dr. John. You should develop an identity that adds your a special element like the town where you are based for example “New York Smiles by Dr. John. Or, you can create an identity with a special feature, like “Dr. John, implant Wizard.”

If you use an identifying handle (or town / region name) everywhere, you can train your audience and the search results to know you. You’ll even be able to influence Google’s autocomplete in order to prompt users when they are searching for your name.

The best way to preserve and protect your spot in the search results is to create a website using your clinic name as the URL.

Although most people are familiar with Googling their clinic name, most clinics don’t search for images or news about their clinic name. In addition to searching for your clinic name in Google’s web search, you should also search for your clinic name in Google’s image search, news search, and video search. (These search refinements are located directly underneath the main search bar.)

As you look at your search results, try to think of them through a patient’s eyes. What do they see? Is this what you want them to see? It is possible to change what Google displays by using SEO strategy and being active on social media and having a high GCR Score?

2. Check all your clinics social profiles

The most basic of social monitoring for medical clinics is checking your social profiles. You probably already do this anyway as part of your regular marketing activity for the clinic.

If you don’t have accounts on any social profiles, you should still find out what’s being said about you. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, people may still be chattering about you on Facebook. You can search for your clinic name using the search feature of most social platforms.

Here are the main social platforms to check:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

3. Revisit clinic profiles on patient lead sites

If your clinic has profiles elsewhere on the web, (and you should), then you must monitor the information in these profiles, and any patient reviews.

What you say on your clinic website is one thing — and it’s important. But what happens in response to patient reviews is equally important. The review section of clinic profile sites is often where the reputation of the medical clinic is discovered by patients.

By interacting with the reviews, you’ll enhance your reputation, and know more about how patients really see your clinic.

4. Get GCR Internationally Accredited

The final method of monitoring your clinics reputation is the easiest, but the most effective. Be accredited by the GCR.

We tell you how many clinics in the world have the same name as you and could be damaging you reputation and making your clinic more difficult to be found.

We tell you how many reviews your clinic has across the web, and if your overall review score is going up or down.

We monitor all your clinic social media profiles for changes.

We make sure that the Google search for your clinic comes up with a score that it the correct representation of the apparent level of quality your clinic is at.

Keeping tabs on your clinic name is one of the most non-clinical important activities your clinic can engage in. If the reputation of your clinic is important to you, and it should be, then monitoring your clinic name should be built into your priority list.

What do you do to monitor your personal brand?

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