Medical tourism in Serbia – a holiday with a healthy twist

Dr Popovic” Dental Clinic belongs to the first private dental practices in Serbia. Therefore we decided to ask this dental clinic some questions regarding medical tourism in Serbia.

What kinds of medical specialization are popular in Serbia?

Serbia is a country that experienced a huge growth regarding medical tourism in the last couple of years. The most popular is dental tourism because of highly skilled doctors that attend global conferences in order to learn about the latest technologies and materials.

Moreover, it is easy to get an appointment or schedule an online consultation. Doctors mostly need only an X-ray of patient’s jaw and his/her photo to give more precise treatment information and the estimated price. Dental implants, bridges and crowns are at the top of the services acquired by the foreign patients.

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Medical services in Serbia

Apart from dentistry, Serbia offers over 2000 medical services. Clinics proving the medical care for international patients mostly operates about the international standards. The big advantage of medical treatments in Serbia is the price. The costs for the same treatment are 4-5 times lower than in Western Europe.

The vast majority of medical tourists in Serbia come from Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Canada and Australia. The capital Belgrade is especially popular. Around 40% of them come for dental services, following by ophthalmology, plastic surgery, orthopaedics and cardiology services.

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What do international patients find special about Serbia?

Serbia is well known for its natural mineral water springs that attract visitors from all around the world. On the other hand, the international patients come to Serbia and especially, because it is a lovely place to take a vacation, for sightseeing or experience local culture, food and nature.

Serbia offers amazing places for nature lovers. Furthermore, historical sites such as churches and monasteries, the Neolithic archaeological site near Belgrade or numerous wine routes attract the attention of all generations.

So apart from the excellent medical services, local music, tastes and sights are for sure the reasons that more and more people every year enjoy coming to Belgrade and Serbia, healing their bodies and relaxing their senses.

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