Medical Clinic Christmas Crush – How to handle it?

Daniel, one of the co-founders of Global Clinic Rating, is also clinic owner and he decided to share his experience from Christmas time with you. He put together some best case practices which worked for him and they can eventually help your clinic as well.

“Its the 20th of December – the clinic I am currently at started seeing patients today at 7am instead of the usual 8am to manage the huge inflow of smiling, happy Christmas people that say they MUST be seen before Christmas or the end of the year.”

As clinic owners & medical teams approach the end of December and move into the new year, more and more patients are trying to squeeze the last minutes out of our medical clinics to make sure they have taken every advantage of being their best over the holiday period.

“The end of the year is one of the craziest times for thousands of top medical clinics and healthcare practices around the world.”

As we prepare for those who are coming home from overseas work, college, have taken extra time off work as well as emergencies, cancellations, walk-ins with an attitude for entitlement, and out-of-town family, what can look like a routinely scheduled day in the clinic can become a nightmare.

Some clinics will make the best of it, and some will question why they let the same thing happen every year.

Preparation is so important. Everyone knows this time of year will get crazy, so what can be done ahead of time to prepare for it? In the dental practice, I’m currently working with, we’ve altered hours and altered who will be present to make sure we can be there for our patients’ needs. Practices may want to look and see if they can expand hours or bring in part-time help to fill the needs.


Here are quick tips to consider for your medical clinic, healthcare practice or dental office schedule during the holiday season:

  • Add holiday hours to your schedule.
  • Reserve a time every day from December 15ish on in the late morning or early afternoon for those who are NOT from your local area – you’ll see an increase of those “I need to be seen today” calls.
  • Keep the treating doctors free of lengthy appointments to avoid running behind, as at all times – your clinic reputation is at state if you don’t perform at the highest levels at all times.
  • If you have an extra treatment room that may easily be equipped with essentials, you may want to contact and hire a local doctor who wants some extra work in your area. The option may include days or additional holiday hours.

Is there still going to be chaos in your clinic schedule? Of course! A positive attitude is important every day in every clinic, but especially at the end of the year.


Everyone has to pitch in and everyone has to be a little more flexible at Christmas. People are stressed, patients & team members, but you and your clinic can add to that stress or be a calming influence.

Yes, there is still some action to take today! Check out how the remainder of this month looks and to determine your saving grace or whether you are going to need nine lives to live through it! Set your clinic up for a successful and productive December!

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