Marketing Strategy for Clinics in 2017

We’re already well into the 2nd week of 2017 and many clinics looking into their marketing strategy for the next 12 months.
While there are literally hundreds of options out there (i’ll mention them below), the GCR (Global Clinic Rating) had discovered that absolutely nothing can compete with a long term approach to increasing a clinic’s reputation over time.

Established clinics around the world will always tell you that their greatest, cheapest and most valued source of new patients is from “word of mouth” – meaning patients who have already had a positive experience in the clinic and tell others about it.

FACT: our study of 73 GCR International Accredited Clinics in 2016 proved that an average clinic revenue increase of 26% over 12 months was achieved through monitoring and increasing clinic reputation via GCR.

Typical Medical Clinic Marketing Strategies considered by medical clinics in 2017:

– Online paid advertisements (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)
– Video Marketing (youtube)
– Social Media (e.g. instagram, facebook, twitter)
– TV & Radio Advertisements
– Newspaper & magazine advertisements
– Posters and billboards
– leaflets & brochures
– Lead Generation with healthcare portals (e.g. whatclinic, treatmentabroad)
– Partnerships with facilitator websites (e.g. medigo, dentaldepartures)
– Email marketing (e.g. mailchimp)
– Search Engine Optimization strategies (SEO – meaning ensuring that your website shows on the 1st page of Google for specific search terms)

From what our medical clinics tell us is that the typical conversion of patient leads from these sources is usually anywhere from 1%-10% ? or they simply have no way of measuring it at all.

Reputation Increasing Strategies:

Based on the GCR’s 4 Pillars methodology, many clinics have instead or in addition decided to opt to increase their clinics reputation overtime monitoring how patients view their clinic against others through benchmarking, as well as improving:

Clinic Expertise:
Training their staff in medical skills & non medical skills such as patient management, lead conversion and problem management.
Hiring new expert staff & support team members
Opting for new clinic accreditation or certification (e.g. JCI, TEMOS)

Clinic Facilities:
Investing in and demonstrating new technology & facilities in the clinic

Clinic Services:
Offering and demonstrating new and improved services in the clinic.

Clinic Feedback:
Increasing the amount of patient case studies and reviews as well as demonstrating and learning from these reviews.

This has resulted in a 20-30% increase in reputation, reviews and revenue for clinics, and even more when combined with the typical medical clinic marketing strategies described above.

What’s more, these reputation increasing methods ensure clinic growth for months or years to come, rather than just a few days until the marketing budget has run out.

Which method will you choose for your clinic this year?

Patient leads?
Online ads such as those on Google or Facebook, and online profile sites such as WhatClinic (€4-10 per lead) will charge you much more over the space of 24 months to reach the same amount of patient leads that an increase in clinic reputation can get you.

Patient Review Management?
Review collection and management tools such as TrustPilot will charge you over $399 for the ability to collect reviews in your clinic, display them on your website, create email review and manage review scores over time. We include the same features within GCR accreditation free of charge.

Reputation Management, Benchmarking & Consultancy?
Inviting an international consultant to advise your company on his / her experience will cost you anywhere from $1000+ per day without any expenses included.

International Clinic Accreditation & Certification?
Accreditations by ISO, TEMOS, MTA, JCI all cost anywhere from $2,000 up to $46,000 depending on the size of your medical facility. Unfortunately, most patients don’t even understand what this means for a clinic. That’s why the GCR provides the world’s 1st patient friendly 1-5 Clinic Score, supported by an accreditation that’s understood anywhere in the world.

The GCR offers a clinic profile, patient leads, patient review generation, management and display, clinic reputation benchmarking and consultancy, clinic accreditation and more for less than $3 per day – cheaper than a cup of coffee. And that’s why clinics of every type worldwide are opting for to be a GCR PLUS, PREMIUM or Accredited Clinic.

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