List of clinics and hospitals meeting GCR™ international standards worldwide

It is our aim that any person you refer to any one of the medical facilities listed here will receive the same or better standard of care than of that is expected in their home.

List of clinics and hospitals
List of clinics and hospitals

The following list of medical facilities was created by the Global Clinic Rating (GCR) for patients/ travelers who may need medical help or assistance in different countries around the world.

The Global Clinic Rating (GCR) provides you with success metrics on over 432,159 clinics. Now you can compare any clinic in the world on 1-5 star GCR score (based on 100+ criteria) and finding the right medical provider is as easy as selecting a hotel for your vacation abroad.

Moreover, GCR provides accreditation for the best clinics all around the world. The medical clinic accreditation from GCR declares that a particular clinic has a level of expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback available.

Medical services of the accredited clinics are above the international average medical standards and these facilities are as well fluent in English.


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