Laser treatments – revolutionizing the beauty and health industry

Nowadays, lasers can be used for treating various skin problems – from first wrinkles and age spots to capillaries and hyperpigmentation. Bagatin Clinic’s laser centre is the most modern in Croatia & the region and therefore we decided to interview this clinic about different laser treatments. In this clinic, nine state-of-the-art lasers are used to treat almost all aesthetic problems.

Lasers can be used to remove hairs and certain skin changes such as moles, warts, scars, stretch marks and tattoos. On the other hand, lasers have found their application possibilities in dental treatment as well as in body shaping treatments and snoring reduction – a revolutionary treatment Bagatin Clinic offered among the first in the world.

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Laser vein and capillary removal

New Quanta System Duetto MT Evo laser is ideal for treating veins and capillaries. It combines two wavelengths of the infrared spectra, making it equally good for treating fine surface capillaries, but also for deeper, larger blood vessels of the skin.

After being partially heated with one wavelength, the vessels start closing and during the following weeks completely disappear. Due to its better efficiency, fewer treatments are necessary; the laser doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue and the results are quicker and better.

Removal of moles and other skin changes

The use of Erbium laser is the simplest method of removing moles and other skin changes, and, in most cases, anaesthesia is not necessary. The treatment includes the use of the laser, whose beam is steered directly into the mole in order to warm it up and then destroy it.

Also, laser removal of moles and other skin changes reduces the probability of scar formation, as it is often the case with other removal techniques.

Hair removal

The diode laser is equipped with a system that cools the treated area just before the pulse is emitted, thus ensuring a higher level of comfort and safety during treatment. The main difference between other laser treatments and diode laser treatments is that the light beam aims dozens of hairs at once, which reduces the number of treatments required to complete the entire process.

Facial skin rejuvenation

The laser rejuvenation treatment, better known as Skin Rejuvenation is a new and unique technique that uses the laser beam to reduce ageing signs on the skin. This technique is particularly effective on facial and neck skin but can also be applied to any other area of the skin. It removes surface and moderately deep lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as tiny acne scars.

Removal of stretch marks and scars

It is a big misconception that stretch marks cannot be removed or that the visibility of the scars cannot be reduced. We approach stretch marks and scars in a special, multidisciplinary way, with a combined effect of the Q – switch and fractional laser. The scars are considerably less visible after only a few quick, easy treatments.

Tattoo removal

TattooStar Effect Combo laser is currently the most effective Q-switch laser on the market, which will remove or significantly fade tattoos. Thanks to selective removal, the beam penetrates the skin and reaches the ink particles and the pigments absorb the light energy and disintegrate. Once they are destroyed, the lymphatic system of the body absorbs and removes them.

Laser snoring treatment

Romeo laser treatment will enable snoring reduction. This procedure aims to strengthen the structure of the soft palate and the uvula thereby achieving stability during breathing by providing greater resistance to the passage of turbulent airflow during the night.

Bagatin Clinic’s laser experts are the only ones in Croatia and Europe who carry out this procedure. It is performed in local anaesthesia, it is painless, and it takes up to 48 hours to recover. Reduced snoring will enable you a better, quieter, high-quality sleep without waking up at night, cessation of headaches and a better quality of everyday life.

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