ITALY: GATJC Fertility Center – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

GATJC Fertility Center is a GCR internationally accredited clinic by GCR team. This IVF clinic, located in Gioia Tauro, ranks in TOP 10 Fertility Clinics globally.

GATJC Fertility Center – #1 fertility clinic in Italy

GATJC Fertility Center is located in Gioia Tauro, Calabria, Italy. With the GCR score of 4.5/5, it belongs to the top fertility clinics in Gioia Tauro and also Italy. 100.0% of 94 patients were satisfied with the treatment at this fertility clinic.

GATJC Fertility Center doctors specialize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Medical Genetics, Psychotherapy, and Reproductive Medicine procedures.

In addition, this fertility clinic has more than 90 reviews and the feedback score 5/5 indicates that the patients were really satisfied with their fertility treatments.

The GATJC Fertility Center was founded in 1991 by Dr Tripodi,  who is the Health Director of this IVF Center. The whole medical team work together with passion and its patients can feel it, once they enter the clinic.

Thanks to the collaboration with internationally recognized IVF organizations and structures,  clinic team uses the newest and most exclusive work techniques. The continuous training and learning are core essence of the clinic success.

Another very important ingredient for this clinic is the right staff, who is friendly, always attentive to the needs of patients and highly qualified. Furthermore, the staff speaks Czech, English, French, German, Italian, and Slovak.


The clinic offers the following services

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Childbirth preparation courses
  • Genetic Exams
  • Gynaecological examination

The GCR accreditation team visited this clinic in May 2018. Our team was given access to all areas of the building to check protocols and standards. This clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards. 

ITALY: GATJC Fertility Center – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

As a result, GCR team accredited the fertility clinic, GATJC Fertility Center. GCR International Accreditor Verdict: Highly Recommended.

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