Increase clinic TRUST on your website

How does your clinic website look like? Is it convincing enough to earn patient’s trust?

Your clinic website is one of the most important things to think about when trying to get in direct contact with potential patients and gaining their trust. It is place where you can give the most valuable information to patients in order to convince them to come into your clinic and have treatment within. Our team was researching how potential patient behaves while visiting clinics websites. We analyzed where do patients click and what information are they searching for in order to make decision whether to visit the clinic or not.

What do patients search for on your clinic website?

  1. TRUST – patients are looking for a clinic they can rely on, one which doesn’t hide its prices, team members or the facilities located in the clinic. Increase this trust also by displaying all of your awards, accreditation and successes on the homepage of your website. This ensures patients that clinic is a suitable place to visit.
  2. REVIEWS – the biggest value for patients is to see other’s patients experience of treatment that was done in your clinic. The more positive feedback displayed on your website, the higher trust you can gain. See below how to use our review box system.
  3. MEDICAL TEAM – seeing the staff who will take care of patient from entrance to exit of the clinic before patient even visits it is very important. It builds trust and good feeling, that patient is in good and experienced hands.
  4. EXPERTISE – demonstrate your expertise on your website with specializations and qualifications of all doctors and specialists at your clinic
  5. PHOTOS – Show, that your clinic is well equipped with a modern facilities in calm and sterile environment. Add to your gallery few pictures of your medical team and daily moments at the clinic. It encourages patient to imagine just how their visit will be. See best practices in our article: Why are photos on your website important for patients?

At GCR, we are aware about the whole process that patient is going through, from realizing the need of medical treatment to choosing the suitable clinic. That’s why we created all important tools to help the clinics demonstrate their quality on their websites but also apart of it – on internet search, at the clinic and cheapest and most valued source is from “word of mouth”.

What are the benefits of using this tools?

  • all your reviews displayed on your website
  • improved search engine results
  • peer recommendations
  • constructive criticism & suggestions
  • closer relationship with patients
  • increased conversions

In this article, we would like to offer you few of this tools, which you can implement immediately in 5 minutes;

1. GCR™ Score Badge

GCR™ Score Badge is a small widget which you can place on your website – either on header or footer and it always shows your actual GCR Score and Global Rank. After the patient clicks on it, it directs him to your clinic’s GCR profile, so he can see all the details about your clinic Expertise, Facilities, Services and Feedback at one place. GCR™ Score Badge is now available for all the clinics who have profile on GCR free of charge. If you want to know how to add GCR™ Score Badge to your website follow this guideline.

GCR score widget
GCR™ Score Badge

2. GCR™ Review Box

GCR™ Review Box is a tool for displaying all your clinic reviews (including those from other sources such as Facebook, Yelp and Google) as well as allow patient to write a review there directly. This tool is currently available only for clinics which signed up for PLUS or PREMIUM package or are GCR Internationally Accredited. If you want to know how to add GCR™ Review Box to your website follow this guideline.

review widget
GCR™ Review Box

If you need some help, contact your web administrator or contact us and we will help you.

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