Improve your visibility with GCR report

The GCR – Global Clinic Rating is the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide. It aggregated and analyzed 100+ data categories from different clinics around the world.  

The evaluated clinics are ranked according to their GCR Score. Furthermore, they are compared to other clinics around the world on the level of apparent expertise, services, facilities and patient feedback collected by the clinic.

If you are part of the GCR report “Top 10 clinics in …” we prepared 3 suggestions for your clinic on how to enhance your visibility with GCR report.  

Improve your visibility though press & medical organization

If you were part of Top 10 report you should definitely notify the press. Always keep in mind, which group you would like to target. Is your target group patients within your country? What kind of media do they read?

Goodness Dental highlighted in NBC


The article in IHHR about Top 10 dental clinics in Guatemala in 2018
Zagreb Health Tourism Cluster shared information about Poliklinika Bagatin (#1 in our Top 10 dermatology clinics in Europe)


4 Seasons shared information about Poliklinika Bagatin (#1 in our Top 10 dermatology clinics in Europe)

Share your success on social media/blog

Are you part of the report? It is really great news, don’t you think? It is real proof that your clinic can be trusted to bring excellent results for patients. You shouldn’t leave this great achievement just for you. You can share it with your social media audience and if you want to widespread it even faster you can ask your medical staff, family, friends to share it.


Furthermore, you can write a blog post about being part of “Top 10 report”.


Place the badge “Top 10” to boost your trustworthiness

As part of your marketing, you certainly use different channels and strategies as for instance – PR articles, own websites, social media channels, promotion bulletins, catalogues, billboard etc.

Though following badges you can boost your trustworthiness even more and you can showcase the quality of the services you provide. You can place these badges for example on your website, in the email signature, in your articles, videos, printed materials, or premises of your clinic.

GCR badges for “Top 10 clinics”

When you decide to use GCR branding in online and offline ADs or campaigns, you should first check our GCR Brand Manual. If you need any materials, feel free to contact us at

Did you find these tip and tricks helpful? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please, leave us some comments or share this article on your social media with hashtag #GCRtips.

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