HUNGARY: Helvetic Clinics – GCR Internationally Re-Accredited

The Helvetic Clinic was officially visited and re-accredited by the GCR team in March 2017. It is first clinic which has become re-accredited by GCR. After 2 years of benefiting from GCR accreditation, the managers of the clinic has decided to continue in cooperation with GCR.

The clinic has showed an increased focus on increasing services “behind the scenes” in 2016, with major improvements in CMS tracking every stage of the patient journey from their initial inquiry, to the treatment itself, after-care and consistent follow-up. This has lead to increase patient outcomes and quality improvements.

The team continues to work hard in providing a truly “world-class” dental facility for both local, international and cross-border patients. With over 4700 square meters of floor space, Helvetic Clinics Budapest is a unique dental clinic of international standards equipped with state-of-the art technology.

Here is the original GCR accreditation overview text from September 2015, when Helvetic Clinics demonstrated the largest improvements in the levels of expertise, services, facilities and review score than any other clinic in the GCR ranking in a 12 month period:

It’s wonderful to:

  1. be in a medical clinic but not feel like you’re in a hotel
  2. to be in a hotel and not to feel like you’re in a medical clinic

Helvetic Dental Clinic have got it just right with their unique blend of a top hotel and dental clinic. The premises are excellently thought out and not to forget the ample on-site dental lab (the heart of any dental clinic) which has excellent communication and support for both patients and doctors.

It is a prime option within Hungary for medical travellers simply due to the hotel / clinic integration, the 4* feel and service + the new building meaning that the latest technological advances and hygiene protocols have been considered. Considering also all that Budapest has to offer plus the number of flights going in and out of BUdapest airport, it’s hard to consider another rival within Europe.

Helvetic Dental Clinics Building in Budapest has been awarded the 2nd “Best Property Development in 2015 as well as “highly commended” as an International medical tourism hotel of the year in the IMTJ 2016 awards.

It’s obvious that the clinic owners have given much thought into including many “best practices” – both medical and non-medical into their new premises, which has moved the Helvetic Clinic” in Budapest towards being a strong international player in the dental tourism market. Hence the GCR is proud to fully certify the Helvetic Clinic to the International Accredited Standards.

The GCR Score of the clinic rose to 4.57, bringing them into the world top 10 dental clinics, and 2nd position in Hungary, out of almost 200,000+ dental clinics worldwide.

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