HUNGARY: Evergreen Dental – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

Evergreen Dental is located in the heart of Budapest, in a historic building in Andrássy Boulevard 45. The house is part of UNESCO world heritage. This wonderful, secessionist house was the home of the famous Japanese Coffee house that had it’s most glorious days before WWI and between the two World Wars. Great figures of Hungarian art like Atila József, Lajos Kassák or Jenő Rejtő spent their day-time here.

It is a 5-chair dental and implantation center where all the carefully selected, well-educated dentists can consult each other with regards of complex cases to be able to provide the best possible treatment plan for the patients. With their spacey treatment rooms (20-30 square meters) they provide patients with maximum comfort. The waiting room and whole interior is created in order to provide a perfect and relaxing atmosphere.

Hungarian clinic Evergreen Dental has the GCR score of 3.8/5 and currently it ranks as #7 dental clinic in Budapest. This clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.

The clinic staff at Evergreen Dental includes range of specialists from variety of departments such as Implantology, Orthodontics, Dental Surgery, Prosthetics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Prosthodontist, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, prosthesis, Periodontics, Conservative dentistry, and Anaesthesiology.


Languages spoken at the clinic include English, German, Hungarian, French, and Greek.

The clinic, Evergreen Dental was officially visited by the GCR team in March 2017. A relatively new dental clinic offering in Budapest, the clinic is quickly gaining reputation as a top contender for Budapest’s best.

“Located in a UNESCO listed, empire era, multi-storey town house, we found the clinic to be newly renovated and has much more to offer than meets the eye. The clinic is well-run by a young, dynamic dental team committed to being at the forefront of digital dentistry and “patient comes first” methodologies. Our team was pleased to see the numerous relaxation & after care spaces, well equipped, spacious surgery rooms and the central location of the sterilization and diagnostic facilities.” (GCR Expert)

GCR Expert Verdict: Highly Recommended


Their well-sized treatment rooms ensure the necessary space against the usual claustrophobic feeling patients face when they enter an ordinary treatment room. Each room has a consultation area where patient and dentist can sit face-to-face. There, they are able to discuss all treatment-related issues and to evaluate the X-ray or CT scan together. The waiting room provides the comfort and feeling of a living room. The high-speed Wifi, e-books, daily and weekly papers as well as interesting books and nice lounge music allow patients to relax and shorten their waiting time. Further they offer a coffee, tee, water, a small mini bar with cold drinks as well as some healthy snacks – all of that free of charge.

As one of only a few dental clinics they have an own travel department and are therefore are able to offer the service of full travel arrangement for patients. That includes booking a flight, waiting patient at the airport with a big name sign, driving patient to one of their carefully selected partnering hotels (offering special rates) and driving patient for an appointments to the dental clinic.

They chose the name Evergreen Dental consciously, since – among other things – this indicates environmental consciousness. The makers and employees of Evergreen Dental are aware that environmental consciousness is one of the main topics nowadays as no responsibility is greater than the one we have towards our children and grandchildren as it is our responsibility to hand over the world to the next generation in a way how we would like to receive it. One can say that the influence of an individual on the global processes is so minor that it’s not worth dealing with it or one can leave the comfort zone and look in the surroundings what could be done. Evergreen dental decided for the latter and follow the philosophy “think global, act local”.

When we asked Evergreen Dental’s manager what are the main aspects that make this clinic so successful, he answered;

Evergreen Dental is a Hungarian-American dental clinic in the heart of Budapest. The clinic is optimally prepared for the needs of patients from Hungary or abroad with smaller or larger dental issues. Our friendly, English-speaking team will make sure you have a pleasant stay at our clinic. We are proud of being rated as the clinic with the best service from almost 500 dental clinics in Budapest by Global Clinic Rating, world-wide we have been ranked number 3 out of 127.000 dental clinics.”

“Our clinic offers a very special service going beyond dentistry (we are more than dentistry as our slogan says). We are mostly proud about offering the best service in Budapest (our patient’s say), a nearly 100% satisfaction rate and that more than 30% of our patients come through recommendations.”

Artúr Kovács – Managing director

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