How To Manage Infertility Stress

Trying to conceive can be really hard and stressful. Once the decision to go to a fertility clinic is taken, there is a lot of planning to do and all that can lead to high levels of stress.

Starting a treatment always involves taking some medication and following a treatment plan, with a series of appointments and visits to the clinic. Often patients can’t take time off and continue working as usual during the process. Pretending as if nothing was happening is even more stressful and during a process where you need to be as relaxed as possible it can be counterproductive.

Treatment abroad, though, can offer some advantages since patients automatically must take some time off for at least the initial consultation and the final step of treatment (i.e. embryo transfer) and travelling abroad can serve as a source of relaxation. Planning the trip, making arrangements for accommodation can be a great way for patients to ‘switch off’ before embarking in treatment.

How Can a Clinic Support You?

When you start a fertility treatment it is really important to feel comfortable with the clinic chosen and the team of professionals who work there. You should be allocated a specific team of experts who will be there for you to answer any questions that may arise during the treatment. When it comes to treatment abroad, you should also be assigned a dedicated patient care assistant who speaks your own language, thus eliminating any language barrier. Often support is also emotional: the staff at the clinic will guide you through all the steps and phases of your treatment.

How Can Your Family Help?

The support of your loved ones is also important. It certainly helps when things don’t go as straight or quickly as one would like. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is helpful for you and your circle of relatives, they will be able to understand you better and therefore offer you the kind of support you need.

If you are going through this process with a partner it can be hard for both of you and that can lead to some disagreement and conflict. Sometimes relationships suffer when trying to conceive. Questions come up: When should we look for help? Should we share it with others or keep it secret? There will be also topics that produce conflict like the financial part of a treatment, the best way to continue or the feeling of guilt or shame because of infertility. The best way to cope with infertility stress and to understand better how the partner is feeling is always maintaining a good communication between each other.

What Can You Do for Yourself?

If you already count on the support from your clinic, family and partner, you should not forget the most important thing: yourself. A fertility treatment can be overwhelming. Sometimes continuing as if nothing was going on or even keeping it a secret can be even worse than being open about it. Listen to yourself, to your needs and incorporate new things that can help you go through the process, such as allowing yourself some time and a break.

It is also very important to have mini breaks for yourself, do whatever makes you happy and more relaxed. Sometimes clinics like we do at IVF-Spain can also provide additional services such as for acupuncture massages.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and reassured about the decision you are making concerning both your fertility treatment and the clinic.

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