How to Increase Your Patient Reviews in 3 Steps

As the emergence of patient-generated reviews has “completely revolutionized the patient decision-making process” more and more people rely on these reviews to make decisions about which clinic to visit, or continue visiting.

Unlike typical hotel & restaurant star rating systems, the GCR™ Score has integrated patient reviews right from the beginning, sources from independent review websites, such as Facebook, Google, Yelp and clinic listing sites. It is an integral part of the GCR pillar we call “feedback”, which forms 20-25% of the overall GCR™ Score.

How to get more patient reviews online?

  1. Use the GCR in-clinic patient feedback tool (GCR™ Review Box)
  2. No review in clinic? Follow up 2 days after treatment with the GCR email review invitations (GCR™ Review Invitations)
  3. Still no review? Follow up by phone with a courtesy call to check on the patient & resend the review link by SMS

1.Collect reviews at your clinic, when patient leaves

Integrate GCR™ Review Box into your website, and use an Android tablet or iPad to get reviews directly from your patients in the clinic. When patient leaves your clinic, kindly ask for leaving a review. It is the best moment, when patient can give you his impressions about how he felt at your clinic and during the treatment. Simple star rating makes it easy and fast to leave the review, which is published instantly on your website and GCR profile. It also improves your GCR Score.

GCR Review Widget


2. Collect reviews 2 days after the treatment via e-mail

GCR™ Review Invitations serve to collect the reviews from your previous patients. Use your custom email review address to let our system automatically send all your patients a review invitation. You can also schedule these reviews to be sent repeatedly, at a later date, or in another language. You can see all collected reviews in invitations history and also sent reminder e-mail. Our statistic shows, that 32% of patients leave a review after receiving this e-mail.

3. Collect review via phone call and SMS

If patient doesn’t leave the review for your clinic, follow up by phone with a courtesy call to check on the patient. Ask patients how they feel after the treatment, and if everything is going well. On the phone call ask them to leave a review for your clinic and resend the review link from our system by SMS. Apart from this, patients will be more likely to visit your clinic again.

Combining these patient rating systems has create an environment where everyone wins: clinics are incentivized to provide the best possible experience for their patients, which in turn increases the likelihood these patients will return to the clinics.

Finally, creating an integrated model where online patient reviews are factored into the GCR clinic star-rating program has generated positive financial returns for the GCR accredited medical clinics. Multiple research studies have confirmed that patient demand and clinic pricing power are a function of the clinics online reputation, so it follows that having the GCR clinic profile with online review scores creates an environment where every clinic is incentivized to deliver great patient experiences for their guests in order to accelerate their own clinics’ revenue growth.

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