How to display the Global Clinic Rating Score

The Global Clinic Rating was created to improve transparency by providing patients with a fact-based statement about the level of standards available any healthcare clinic, anywhere in the world. The GCR Score tells the public whether a clinic is a 3,4 or a 5-star clinic.

The GCR believes that everyone has a right to know how what level of quality is provided by individual healthcare clinics on a local and international level. To help patients to be aware of this, the GCR encourages all healthcare clinics to display their GCR rating publicly.

What should your clinic do?

If your clinic has been allocated a GCR Score then you verify your profile to receive a verification sticker by mail and place it at the entrance to your clinic, in the reception area and on your clinic website.

We also encourage your clinic to raise awareness of your most recent GCR Score when communicating with people who use your services, by letter, email or other means.

At the clinic:

The clinics entrance:



The verification sticker can be ideally displayed on the clinic’s door or window.  We suggest you leave it at a promenent place, so incoming potential patients are assured that they are entering a clinic that has been verified by the GCR. If you don’t have a GCR sticker for your premises, you can request one here.



The clinic reception area:


The GCR makes verified badges that will be sent to your clinic by mail.

If you are a GCR certified clinic, the GCR official certificate should be displayed prominently in a public area of your clinic too.

GCR clinic inspectors will refer to display of the GCR official certificate, poster(s) or stickers in your clinics premises when making their decision about allocating GCR certification to your clinic.

If you decide not to use the GCR posters, certificate or stickers, then you will be required to demonstrate where you have displayed your GCR raking, and in what manner.

If the GCR assesses that your clinics rating is not displayed legibly and conspicuously, or it has been displayed inaccurately (for example, it does not reflect your most recent ratings or does not contain all the information required) we will discuss this with you. We will tell you why we think it is not meeting the certification requirements and ask you to take appropriate action.


We have developed the GCR Score widget and the GCR Review widget to help you display your rating online. You can access them in your clinics admin area after you log-in here.

We strongly recommend that you use these widgets to support the online display of your GCR Score, as they will ensure that you include all the required information and that it is conspicuous and legible.

If you choose not to display the GCR Score or review widget on your clinic’s website, but mention your GCR Score, then you must link to your clinic’s profile on the GCR website.

We encourage you to also include the GCR logo next to the link on your website.

You should display your rating on the main homepage of your website(s), or appropriate landing page(s) where as many people as possible looking for information about the clinic will see it, even if they are not specifically looking for your clinics rating.

Celebrating your clinics excellence


In addition to meeting the GCR score requirements we actively encourage you to celebrate your certification if you have been officially certified.
There are a number of other ways to publicise your GCR Score to people using your service and the wider community. This includes placing your GCR Score on appointment letters, displaying banners advertising your rating at your premises and highlighting it through local media.

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