How to choose hair transplantation clinic?

With its outstanding performance, ESTEPALACE in Turkey is the go-to place as far as hair transplantation is concerned. Ranked among leading hair transplant clinics in Turkey, their specialists are going to tell you everything you need to know about this treatment.

Hair transplantation is an effective way to restore your natural hair back. It is the best solution ever to get natural hair look and it will last for the lifetime, and it will not get affected by genetic and ageing. If you want to get your hair back, you have only one solution; Hair transplantation by FUE Technique.

Hair transplant surgery is a simple and easy procedure; it can be performed at a specialist clinic or hospital.

Why should you visit Turkey to do hair Transplant operation?

Nowadays, Turkey welcomes hundreds of visitors from all over the world who want to do hair transplantation.

The competition is very high here. Every hair transplantation clinic has different prices, but Turkey is still considerably cheaper than in other countries. Moreover, the quality of hair transplantation and used techniques distinguishing Turkey from other countries in this filed.

How can you choose the hair transplant clinic?

Hundreds of clinics were established in Turkey to serve the growing demand for hair transplantation.

To choose the best clinic, first of all, you should trust the surgeon who will do your implantation. You should definitely found out, how many years of experience he/she has, the number of successful operations he/she did and finally check the reviews of the specific clinic.

On the other hand, you should get the best diagnosis of your hair case before the operation:

  • how many follicles they can implant,
  • the plan of your operation (the areas they can cover, the level and the shape of front hairline),
  • last but not least, if your donor area is healthy enough to give an acceptable number of follicles to give you a good result.

Once you want to do hair transplantation, you should consider these important factors:

  • The age should be between 20 and 60 years old. (It may be risky for patients over 60).
  • Your medical history. The clinic should know everything about your medical history, how many operations did you have and your health issues if you have one or some of these diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Hepatitis, any heart problems, and HIV….).
  • Your daily medications; the clinic should know if you have any daily medications you use.
  • Your hair loss progress. If you still have hair loss or it is stopped.

Hair transplantation procedure is not used only by men, and not only for the head. The following hair transplantation types are also very popular:

  • Men hair transplantation.
  • Women hair transplantation.
  • Eyebrows transplantation.
  • Beard and moustache transplantation.
  • Scars transplantation.

Where are the hair follicles extracted from?

Hair follicles are extracted mainly from the back side of the head, from the area between ears and top of the neck (we call this area as donor areas), and the number of extracted follicles depends on the density of the hair in, as much as the density is good, the number of extracted follicles is high.

In some cases people have the bad or medium density in their donor areas, so the solution for that is to extract extra follicles from the beard, or other parts of the body like chest or arms or even legs, to support and increase the density of the implanted hair.

We advise people to extract from the beard because beard hair is similar to head hair and has the same growth rate.

The extracted hair from the body is different, its life is short and will not grow as the hair of the head, it will still short.

What is the maximum number of follicles we can implant in one session?

Usually the number of follicles depends on the need of follicles in each case and on the quality of the donor areas, some people need 3500 follicles, others need 5000 follicles and some of them need more than 8000 follicles. But the question is; what is the maximum number of follicles we can extract in one session?

The answer is: the maximum number of follicles is 5000 follicles for one session, and this number is the standard global figure.  WHY?

  • The extracted follicles will not grow up again, but the expert medical team should extract them randomly from the big area (the donor area), so this way will keep your donor area safe without any empty spots after healing. If the number of follicles was more than 5000 it will cause a serious damage to your donor area and you will get empty spots in it. Therefore, the number of follicles should be calculated and proportionate to the density of the hair in donor areas.
  • The second reason is, we should keep the follicles safe as much as possible out of the human body, for that we save them in specific plates with serum and low temperature. If the number of follicles is big that’s mean that the operation will last for a long time and the follicles will stay more time out of the body, and that will affect their lives, they will not be able to survive any more.

To get good result after hair transplant procedure, first of all, you should get a good analyses for your hair, when you contact any hair transplant clinic you should send them four photos, like the following sample and some information about your age and health issues, even your hair loss progress, depending on these info’s you will get the best diagnosis.

What is the FUE Technique?

FUE is a shortcut from three words (Follicles Unit Extraction), it is safe and by this technique, it is possible to extract the big number of healthy follicles in short time without damaging the donor area and without any scars.

In this technique a micromotor machine is used to extract the follicles from the scalp, it makes micro halls in the scalp between follicles to make the extraction easy, the nurse then will use a medical forceps to extract the follicles and put them in specific plates.

This technique is much better than the old technique FUT (Follicles Unit Transplantation), no one now use FUT, it causes a big scar in the head after the operation and the number of follicles is limited and the result then will not be good at all, the old technique works by cutting the scalp horizontally between the ears then they extract the follicles from it to plant them in the recipient areas.

What is the manual FUE Technique?

The manual FUE is similar to normal FUE, but the tool is different, the manual punch is used instead of the micromotor, in this technique we can extract 100% healthy follicles, it should be done in two days and two sessions.

This technique requires greater effort and a longer time, for that the coast is higher than the normal FUE. ESTEPALACE is one of the leading centres using this technique; this technique is preferred by celebrities, politicians and businessmen.


Hair transplantation procedure step by step

The first and important step in this procedure is the plan; in this step the specialist should draw hairlines according to your hair case, the shape of the frontal hairline, the level of it, and the areas should cover and finally the borders of the donor area. The level and shape of the frontal hairline are so important to give the client the best result, it should be natural and suitable to his face.

The second step is local anesthesia and extraction; first we will shave the hair then we should apply the local anesthesia on the scalp (just on donor area) some clinics use the new anesthesia technique without pain, after five minutes the extraction will start by FUE technique, and this step will last between 1 to 2 hours according to the number of follicles.

The third step of this procedure is opening the channels, by lateral slit technique, this step is important and should be done by expert surgeons, lateral slit technique makes hair grow in a natural way and similar united directions. Small and micro Medical scalpel is used to make the channels in the scalp with the same follicles size.

ESTEPALACE is using this technique because it makes the hair grow by 45 degrees on the scalp and look natural.

The fourth and final step is the plantation; in this step, the medical staff will implant the follicles in their channels one by one using the Medical forceps.

Hair transplant procedure will last for 6 to 8 hours, during it you will get a break for about 30 minutes, you will eat your launch, drink a cup of tea and rest the little bit.

After the procedure, the clinic will give you some instructions and medication to start using it directly.

To perform a hair transplant procedure, you should stay in Turkey for 4 days 3 nights.

  • The first day is your arrival day.
  • The second day is full operation day.
  • The third day is a free day; you can enjoy it by visiting historical places.
  • The fourth day is Medical dressing and the first washing, and then you will travel again to your country.

Does hair transplant procedure have side effects?

As we talked before, hair transplant surgery is 100% safe but it still has some simple side effects like:

  • Redness in the donor and recipient areas will last for 5 to 7 days maximum, and that will happen because of the procedure on the scalp and that is normal.
  • Swelling in the forehead and around the eyes will last for a few days or one-week maximum, the clinic will give you a suitable medication to protect yourself from these side effects.
  • White pimples sometimes will appear at the donor or implantation areas, because of hair growth and that is normal, be careful; never scratch them, and stay in contact with your medical adviser to give you the suitable advice for every step.

Does the hair grow directly after the operation?

The implanted hair will fell down in the first two months of operation, and that is normal, the recipient area will get a shock, it was empty and suddenly got hair in it, so the hair needs time to grow up again. In the third month of the operation, the hair will start to grow up gradually, but the result will appear at the sixth month after the operation, the hair will still grow till one year after the operation. Then you will get the final result.

Women hair transplant

Sometimes women suffering from hair loss because of many reasons, some of these reasons are:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • Iron deficiency.
  • Anaemia and thyroid.
  • Hair care cosmetics.

So the only solution to restore the hair is hair transplantation, women hair transplant is similar to men hair transplant, the same techniques and steps, just the only difference is the level and shape of frontal hairline.

The frontal hairline shape should be suitable to the face and the level of it should be considered to the face shape.

To extract the follicles, the small rectangle should be shaved at the donor area to extract the follicles from; it will be in the middle of it so after the operation, no one will notice it.

Beard and moustache transplantation

Some men suffering from weakness in beard and moustache, for that they are seeking beard transplantation to complete it, beard and moustache transplantation is a way to complete the missing parts in it, top cover some scars in the face, or to cover some diseases marks in the face.

Beard and moustache transplant is similar to hair transplant, but it needs more consecrating from the medical staff.

The extracted follicles should be mono hair only, and the donor area also is the backside of the head.

Eyebrows transplantation

It’s a good solution to redesign the eyebrows and give them good shape instead of a tattoo. It’s similar to hair transplant, women can make a decision during the plan of the procedure, they can share their opinion about the shape of eyebrows they need.

But the only point you should care about it; the planted hair will grow up normally like normal hair, just you should cut them every week.

Scars transplantation:

All people suffering from scars in the face, eyebrows, the backside of the head (because of an old FUT operation) or any scars because of the accident, they have the way to get rid of the scars by hair transplant.

What is the PRP (platelet-rich plasma)?

PRP step by step:

  • Collecting Blood: A small amount of blood is withdrawn from the patient.
  • Separate the platelets: The blood is placed in a Centrifuge, which spins and separates the platelets from the blood.
  • Extract Plasma: Extract the platelet-rich plasma from the tube and put inside injections.
  • Inject: We inject platelet-rich plasma at the infected areas in the scalp, or in the area with weak hair.

Platelet-rich plasma is useful; it stimulates the implanted follicles to produce new hair, and it helps weak original follicles in the scalp too. Platelet-rich plasma renews the cells in general.

General instructions after the hair transplant procedure

A lot of important instruction you should consider after the hair transplant procedure, we will view the most important of it:

  • You shouldn’t touch and scratch the implanted area for ten days minimum, starting from the day of surgery.·       Beware of alcohol or aspirin for one week after the surgery.
  • You should avoid wearing T-shirts for a week at least, wear buttoned shirts only.
  • Avoid bad weather and strong direct sunshine; avoid rain in the first week of the operation.·       Avoid sex activities during the first week of the surgery.
  • Do not use a hat during the first week of the operation to avoid hurting the follicles, you can use it normally after 15 days of operation.
  • You shouldn’t exercise too much at GYM and football sports during the first two months of operation.
  • During the first month of operation, avoid sports activities, saunas and steam baths, also you can’t go to the beach, or swimming pools, just you can do some simple activities like running after 15 days from the operation date.
  • Avoid shaving the implanted areas by shaving machine during six months of the operation, you can use scissors only, and after one month you can shave normally the donor areas by shaving machine.
  • No hair dyeing for six months after the operation because it is chemical and it may kill or cause damage the hair follicles

All clinics will provide you with the full list of important instructions and information to keep your implanted hair safe during the first period.

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