How much do other clinics pay their staff?

A question which we’re often asked at GCR is how much other doctors, clinics and teams are earning around the world. Many of our accredited clinics have said that they face good team members leaving their clinics, and find it difficult to attract new quality staff. I’m sure that the “money” question certainly has a large role in that, so I’m going to give you some idea here about how top clinics around the world pay their teams.

Before we move onto admin staff & nurses, let’s look at some of the average private doctor salaries worldwide per month according to Total Dental:

  • Spain – $14 663
  • The USA – $13 070
  • Switzerland – $8 066
  • Norway – $7 758
  • Canada – $6 816
  • Australia – $6 133
  • Japan – $5 958
  • Singapore – $5 042
  • Britain – $4 792
  • China – $3 823
  • Mexico – $1 210
  • India – $325

How much do you pay your team?

As you may know, in most countries there are 2 models:

1.) Commission (results-based salary) 

The commission is a payment based on the amount of sales that certain employee makes. The commission is usually based on a percentage of total sales. This basically means, the more sales made, the more money the employee earns. Many commission-based salaries also pay a base salary.

2.)  A regular salary 

A particular amount of money that is paid to employee regulary, usually every month/week.

Here are some ideas 

1. Use Data

Top clinics know how exactly much other similar sized clinics & hospitals pay in their region so that they can offer a competitive salary.

Action Item: You can find this out simply by answering job applications posted by other clinics.

2. Use a Framework

A fair and transparent payment scheme should be made. Here’s an example I use for clinics:

Each of the 3 levels is broadly defined by “results” “revenue” and “reputation”

For example here’s how I would define level 2:

Results: You show a sincere passion for the healthcare we provide in the clinic and your monthly treatment outcome metrics show above average success with patients.
(Action Item:  check the treatment outcomes monthly – if you’re not tracking it already ask us, we have software for this included in your GCR accreditation)

Revenue: Your expertise and experience in medicine contribute positively to the overall revenue of the clinic. (Action Item: check the revenue monthly)

Reputation: You have shown that you are regularly increasing the reputation of our clinic to patients, to our other team members and yourself. (Action Item:  check the growth of new patients, referrals, other team members satisfaction scores, and any ongoing training activities on a monthly basis)

This framework, of course, will differ from clinic type and size however it’s certainly good for everyone to have some idea of how he or she can measurably improve his or her monthly wage and overall contribution to the continued growth of the clinic.

Annual reviews are not needed in this method – monthly data is enough – and monthly wages can be adjusted up or down accordingly.

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3. Pay fairly

A clinic should pay transparently in fairness to each team member depending on their contribution to the clinic revenue – from the cleaner right up to the head doctor – no matter if they are a parent, son, friend etc.

Action Item: You don’t need to publish how much everyone earns – but the framework and descriptions should be available to them for motivation and trust.

Do you want to have more effective team? Here are 8 ways to keep your medical team happy and motivated.

4. Bonuses

I believe that clinics are not families – they are businesses where people come together to provide the best level of service to patients as possible. If it’s a good month – then reward your team. Provide ongoing education. Provide extra time off after an extra long month – all these things help the team to know that you care about them so that they can take care of others for you.

Action Item: Think of any “non-money” bonuses that you provide and mention them in your framework

5. Expect Change

Clinics change. People change. Countries and economies change. Technology changes. This all affects how much your clinic can pay its team.
It’s a sensitive topic, but if you are fair and open and all team members to communicate with you about how they feel about how much they earn and how much others in the clinic earn – you’ll keep those who do well for you – and attract more top talent as you grow.

Action Item: Hold monthly one-to-one meetings where the results, revenue & reputation items are discussed and pay is adjusted accordingly.

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