Greece: Cosmetic Derma Medicine – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

Cosmetic Derma Medicine is a GCR internationally accredited clinic by GCR team. This dermatology clinic is located in the largest city of Greece – Athens. This clinic belongs to the best dermatology clinics in Greece.

Cosmetic Derma Medicine – top dermatology clinic in Greece

Cosmetic Derma Medicine is located in the capital of Greece – Athens and it belongs to the top dermatology and transplant clinics in Greece. The services and treatments are at competitive prices in Greece and lower than it in all of the European countries. This clinic is the largest and most advanced Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology & Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic Derma Medicine offers high quality clinical & aesthetic dermatology, venereology and plastic surgery treatments. Rejuvenation treatments (PRP Mesotherapy, Fractional Co2 Rejuvenation Laser, Dermabrasion, Chemical Peeling), anti-aging therapies (Botox & Hyaluronic Acid Treatment, Non-surgical Thread Lift), hair removal with the most up-to-date Alexandrite Laser, as well as lipolysis treatments (SmartLipo laser-assisted Liposuction, Cryolipolysis, Cavitation-RF Cellulite Treatment) are available and applied by experienced and specialized doctors.

Cosmetic Derma Medicine was established in 2007 by DR. AMALIA TSIATOURA (Dermatologist – Venereologist Scientific Director of Lasers & Cosmetic Dermatology Dept. at Cosmetic Derma Medicine) & DR. ANASTASIOS VEKRIS (Plastic Surgeon Scientific Director of Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Dept. at Cosmetic Derma Medicine Member of ISHRS).

The cosmetic & dermatology centres under the brand “Cosmetic Derma Medicine” in:

Services & Treatments in Cosmetic Derma Medicine

Cosmetic Derma Medicine provides the following services and treatments:

  • Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Dept: Along with our experienced Medical team, our Dermatologists provide customized treatment for clinical-aesthetic issues and invasive procedures, such as blepharoplasty, laser liposuction and otoplasty, all of which are safely performed in our premises.
  • Plastic Surgery Dept: The fully organized and equipped Plastic Surgery Department of Cosmetic Derma Medicine provides care for patients with a wide range of both Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery needs. Our team of board-certified Plastic Surgeons has years of experience and expertise in Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Abdominoplasty,  Liposuction etc.
  • Hair Restoration Dept: The well-trained and competent team of doctors and nurses of Advanced Hair Clinics, the largest and most advanced Clinic of Hair Restoration in Greece and Cyprus, solely performs the most sophisticated FUE technique, the Advanced FUE, as well as a wide range of fully personalized treatments and solutions for hair related problems.
  • Diet & Nutrition Dept: The Dietitian Nutritionist Anna Kompou will create your individualized nutrition plan to match your needs and suggest a customized panel of tests to help you lose weight and improve your diet. The department is equipped with the latest systems (metabolic measurement system, Body fat analysis and measurement, Sensitivity Measurement of Nutritional Indicators).
  • Vascular Surgery Dept: Scientific Director of the department is the Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon, Dr Christos Rigopoulos. Here, you will find treatment for spider veins, varicose veins etc.

The medical team

The clinic staff at Cosmetic Derma Medicine includes specialists from the variety of departments such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,  Diet & Nutrition Hair Transplant Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Dermatology. A skilled team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, nutritionists and other specialists will welcome you at the state-of-the-art and luxurious premises. In the modern, functional & luxurious area of our clinics, our specialized medical team applies the most modern therapies that Cosmetic, Clinical Dermatology & Plastic Surgery has today.

Languages spoken at the clinic include Albanian, Russian,  Arabic, English, Greek, Italian, Spain and Serbian.

GCR visit

GCR team personally visited this clinic in May 2018. Our team visited all areas of the building to check protocols and standards in the clinic. This medical facility has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards. 

Greece: Cosmetic Derma Medicine – GCR™ Internationally Accredited
As a result, GCR team accredited the clinic Cosmetic Derma Medicine. GCR International Accreditor Verdict: Highly Recommended.

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