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Sometimes the most powerful results can be achieved by looking at low cost but high impact ideas for your medical practice. Of course, there are times when you need to invest in the high cost, high impact things – new diagnostic devices, hiring new doctors, renovating the building etc, and that’s great. But on a day-to-day basis, try concentrating on the small things that make a big difference in the eyes of your patients.

Here’s a thought. What if you were to charge 1% more for your services (that’s just $1 for every $100 spent) and then re-invest that additional income straight back into your patients? What added value could you achieve?

Children's Creative Corner
Children’s Creative Corner

Here are a few thoughts I’ve seen in other clinics to get your ideas flowing…

  • Give every client their own newspaper / magazine
  • Comfort pack with toothbrush, face wipes and floss
  • Have free fruit on reception 
  • Install a drinks fridge and stock it with free bottles of water or fruit drinks
  • Branded chewing gum
  • Free meal at a local restaurant
  • Shopping voucher
  • Voucher for a car wash
  • Small branded bottle of champagne / wine 
  • Memory stick with pre-installed video about the medical practice
  • Complimentary treatment (manicure / haircut) near the clinic
  • Access to battery chargers for mobile phones

Think about it – how much more value would these things create in the minds of your patients than reducing the treatment by the equivalent amount of 1%?

Drinks fridge with free bottles of water/ fruit drinks & coffee machine

Guatemala & Poland

If the patient in your clinic is looking at the ceiling during treatment – at least make sure it’s spotlessly clean (that goes for the windows of the clinic as well). Consider adding text, images or even a screen for the patient to look at.


Branded cars to promote the practice. A lot of clinics use this approach, but if you don’t it’s worth considering to brand the cars of your team with your logo in return for a small pay rise 🙂 rather than buy an expensive standing billboard in the town – it has much more long-term benefit from a financial point of view.

Branded Cars seen at IVF clinic Bocian
Branded Cars seen at IVF clinic Bocian


Sterilisation of patient shoes. I’ve seen this also in Dent Estet in Romania – a great advantage especially where carpets are used in the reception areas for that “luxury” feel.

Sterilisation of patient shoes seen in Medical Dental Group, Dnipro, UA

Case Study / DSD / Patient video room

Increasingly seen all over the world as digital treatment planning and digital marketing take the forefront. Here’s a clinic in Poland that has a photography room that doubles up as their training room.

DSD/ Patient video room seen at dental clinic Jozefow in Warsaw, Poland

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