GCR Webinar 1: “Best Medical Practice”

Daniel C. Shaw & Alex Zakucia from GCR.org share Ideas & tips from the best practices of medical clinics around the world in their first GCR Webinar.

3.20: – “How can I attract more international patients?”
3.30 “Be Specific!” – who exactly are you trying to attract? Where are they from exactly?
6.00: – Potential patients must “Know, Like, Trust You”
8.25: “How can we use social media better?”
9.10: great example of closed Facebook group use by a clinic
10.55 “how to answer patient enquiries + do you use scripts?”
17.45: using templates and scripts
19.00: how quick teams can answer patient emails and book patients.
19.40 “GCR Clinic Website Analysis”
20.00 the clinic website we’re analyzing today



For next weeks show, please send your questions or submit your website URL ahead to contact@gcr.org

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