New GCR Standards Manual released

The team behind Global Clinic Rating (GCR) is excited to announce that we released the 1st GCR Standards Manual which helps both medical clinics and patients understand some of the thinking and learning behind how we currently assess quality private clinics worldwide. 

It is loosely based on the model developed by our expert team which we have come to call the 4 pillars of clinical excellence” – Expertise, Facilities, Services & Outcomes, in addition to insights gained from going through the GCR accreditation process with 1000’s of the world’s leading clinics and specialised treatment departments in hospitals.


If you are not yet familiar with the vision, mission, values and role of GCR in healthcare worldwide, please refer to our “GCR overview” document. In line with the vision of the GCR, we have whenever possible, attempted to describe these standards in a way that both patients & clinics can easily understand, free from medical jargon.


Thank you for your ongoing commitment to be a part of the GCR vision of improving choice of clinics through shared transparent data. We respect and value it greatly. If you would like to see the full PDF VERSION of “GCR Standards Manual”, please write us at

About The GCR

The Global Clinic Rating publicly certifies and allocates rating scores to 430,000+ medical clinics in 110+ countries, displayed in the daily updated GCR Index.

Through regular support, the GCR team identifies further ways for these satisfaction their medical clinics to increase patient by proactively monitoring and improving GCR Score when a clinic become officially certified. This unique certified clinic option provides clinics with the analysis, worldwide intelligence, competitive benchmarking and reporting needed to help medical clinics reach even higher standards.


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