GCR simplifies patient choice even more

GCR score, which is calculated from 4 GCR pillars of excellence – facilities, standards, expertise and patient outcomes, aims to assist patients to choose wisely when selecting the most suitable medical facility.

Global Clinic Rating is facilitating this choice. GCR.org has decided to do a change in the five-star “ratings” system. The previous rating was rounded to one decimal number, so you were able to find clinics at GCR.org with the GCR score of 3.4, 4.7 or 1.7.

Why did the GCR decide for this change?

The GCR platform is visited by more than 30,000 users every month from all over the world. Patients are looking for the most appropriate clinics in different specializations. In order to speed up their search experience and to make the decision making more efficient, we have simplified the rating values.

The changes in displaying the score will take effect starting 16. April. Instead of seeing GCR score as 3.4 or 4.7 you will now see GCR score as increments of 0.5, thus, for example, 3.5 or 5.0.

Can clinics see their detailed GCR score at GCR.org?

Yes, sure. We’re glad to see that clinics all around the world like to check their progress within a certain period of time. Therefore all clinics registered at GCR.org will be able to see their detailed GCR score in the Dashboard section after signing-in to their respective profile.

It is important to understand that GCR.org was created as a platform for patients. For that reason, we want to simplify the choice of every patient as much as possible. And we truly believe that this is another great step towards reaching this goal.

If you have any more questions or notes towards this update, please contact us now at contact@gcr.org.

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