Strong beginning of 2018 in GCR

As every month, our GCR team was busy visiting TOP medical clinics all around the world. In January 2018 we managed to visit 4 countries – India, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Guatemala. We are more than happy to announce that 14 new clinics have passed GCR international accreditation standards, joining now almost 200 clinics committed to transparency in patient outcomes and improving the patient experience.


Medical tourism in India is still massively growing and in 2018, the trend will remain the same. International patients from Africa, Middle East, Europe or USA come to India for their treatment. The significant part of the medical tourists are the non-resident Indians, persons of Indian origin living in different countries around the world. Medical patients search for different types of Surgeries, Fertility Centers, Plastic Surgery or Dental Treatments.

GCR internationally accredited dental clinics in Chennai, India

Prashanth Fertility Research Centre
Prashanth Fertility Research Centre


In January 2018, our team visited the most populous city in UAE – Dubai. Although Dubai can be perceived as a luxury travel destination it offers high-quality dental services for a reasonable price. It is popular among its Neighbouring countries and also countries as USA, UK or Germany.

See our recent clinic country report focus on The TOP 10 clinics in the UAE in 2018.

Do you want to be more transparent with your patients and to achieve patient-first approach? You should then definitely try to display on clinic premises documents as:

  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities
  • Pricing list

In the United Arab Emirates, the medical clinic has to display these documents by law. Another interesting fact was, that clinic website is considered by government and relevant authorities as advertisement and clinics must pay fees for it on monthly basis.

If you want to please your new international patients, you can use tips from clinics from the UAE. One of the clinics, we visited, uses customized Mercedes Van for pick up of the (new/international) patients. The van has giant TV, cigar box, leather seats and drinks cabinet inside. Moreover, when clinics patients are getting married, husband and wife (even if one of them is not a patient) get free teeth whitening procedure.

GCR internationally accredited dental clinics in Dubai, UAE

Standard Medical Clinic
Standard Medical Clinic


Ukraine is country with rich history, beautiful nature and impressive cultural heritage. Besides regular tourists, Ukraine is also visited by medical tourists, who are coming mostly for the dental treatments, cosmetic surgery and other medical treatments.

Our team has discovered high-quality services provided by the Ukraine clinics. For instance, at the enter to the clinic, you could use automatic shoe cover machine for FREE.

To maintain hygiene standards, the sterilization room is connected to dental surgery rooms through two windows built-in within the walls so the tools are not leaving the sterile environment. Moreover, they use the ultraviolet lamps which can sterilize the rooms during the on-going treatment.

Furthermore, one clinic uses an online system where all the scans, photos and data can be immediately shared among all of the clinic’s computers through the main server.

GCR internationally accredited dental clinic in Dnipro, Ukraine

Medical Dental Group
Medical Dental Group


Guatemala is an upcoming market for medical tourism. The country has a great tradition of excellent dental care thanks to the great tradition of private dental universities that put top focus on the quality of education. The top clinics are already on the level of best clinics of Costa Rica & Mexico and help position Guatemala as the upcoming destination in LATAM for medical tourism. The local dental prices are much cheaper than in other markets, so it provides a great value for any medical traveller.

As the best practice, we see great cooperation between the top local clinics in a national association, who pool resources together with the government to strengthen the country brand in medical tourism. Even the more upcoming clinics are able to use top technology by partnering with the local private dental university to access to latest screening medical devices.

Guatemala Dental Team
Guatemala Dental Team

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