GCR: Case Study with Poliklinika Bagatin in Croatia

Poliklinika Bagatin was GCR internationally accredited in the middle of April 2016 by the GCR team. This polyclinic is located in the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb and it has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international hospital standards.  Nowadays, Poliklinika Bagatin is GCR™ Internationally Accredited in 3 medical disciplines – Dentistry, Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

Poliklinika Bagatin – the massive growth in 2017

When GCR started to cooperate with the Poliklinika Bagatin in 2016, this medical facility aimed to achieve 2 important goals:

  • Attract more medical clients
  • Become a top leading private clinic in the region

We are more than happy that we can present you the positive result of our cooperation. In 2017, Poliklinika Bagatin managed to increase dental revenue by 70% & grow international patients revenues by 51% compared to 2016. For more information, see our GCR case study with Bagatin (PDF version).

GCR international accreditation

The medical clinic accreditation from GCR declares that a particular clinic has a level of expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback available that is above the international average of medical clinics assessed. GCR international accreditation is the international medical clinic assessment of the 21st century, which help medical clinics around the whole world with growth and improvement of their services through:

1.) Demonstration of Excellent Clinic Reputation

Nowadays, it is more than important to demonstrate that your clinic reputation has been proven by a 3rd party.  Moreover, it can be trusted to bring excellent results for patients. With GCR.org, you can learn and know from other leading clinics, exactly what’s needed to take your clinic to the next level.

2.) Reviews / Patients outcomes collection 

Patient feedback/outcomes are becoming a core standard of clinic success metrics. Build trust and display all your reviews on sites such as Facebook, Google, GCR and others directly on your webpage or in the clinic.

3.) Increase of Revenues

Let your treatment fees reflect the trusted standard of care that your clinic provides to both local and international patients, and continue to increase your patient base and dominance in your medical sector.

The Final Word of the Poliklinika Bagatin

We asked Ognjen Bagatin, Bagatin Clinic Director, how was this medical facility satisfied with Global Clinic Rating:

Ognjen Bagatin, Bagatin Clinic General Director
Ognjen Bagatin, Bagatin Clinic General Director

“Cooperation with GCR.org was educational and helped us to accentuate our strongest features.

They helped us grow by enabling us to compare our service level with the very best and by teaching and directing us towards becoming market leader in our fields.”


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