GCR Guide: 8 Facebook Strategies for medical clinics

Today, most clinics have a Facebook page, but many are unsure as to how much time to dedicate and what results to expect.

Is Facebook a channel for patient acquisition, clinic marketing or patient support? At GCR.org, we monitor the results of the Facebook pages for all certified clinics in the GCR Ranking. Here are the highlights from what we’ve learnt so far, featuring ways to make the most of your clinic’s Facebook presence.

Download the latest version of our GCR Expert Guide: Facebook Strategies for Medical Clinics.

Here you will discover the latest trends on more effective ways to use Facebook as patient communication and marketing channel to increase your visibility and patient engagement.

Topics include:

  • Is Facebook declining in popularity?
  • Optimize your clinics Facebook presence
  • Build your clinic fan base
  • Engage your patients on Facebook
  • Consider paid advertising options
  • Use Facebook for patient support
  • Contain your revenue expectations
  • Use Facebook as a marketing channel
  • Measuring performance

FREE DOWNLOAD: GCR Expert Guide: Facebook Strategies for Medical Clinics.

Finally, a well-managed presence on Facebook can have modest benefits for clinics. The key is to stay disciplined, to make patient satisfaction the priority, and to carefully weigh ROI against tried-and-true marketing channels like your website, search engine marketing and other review sites.

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