DENTAL TOURISM: Where are all the patients going?

You will have probably heard of medical tourism at some point; those seeking more affordable prices for elective surgeries have been known to travel to South Africa, India, Hungary and a whole host of other European and Asian countries.

Medical treatments that were not covered by insurance or were cosmetic in nature were often performed at a much cheaper price in other countries, causing a wave of American, British and European patients to flock overseas for a cheaper priced treatment.

With lower medical prices combined with what is perceived as a “free holiday,” it’s little surprise that medical tourism has now migrated to dentistry.

Where Patients are Going for Treatment

Depending on where your patients live their options for dental tourism vary; however wherever they are in the world there will usually be an option a relatively short flight away.

US Patients
Those living in the US will know that any kind of medical treatment can be very expensive, especially for those without medical insurance. Those living in southern states such as Arizona, California and Texas are just a quick drive away from significantly reduced medical costs.

Many people in the US will drive to Mexico, and those living further north will often fly to Costa Rica in order to take advantage of prices that are 50-80% lower than in the United States.

European Patients
European patients can take advantage of similar savings by visiting countries such as Hungary, which boasts more dentists per capita than any other country. The level of quality is incredibly high and the prices very competitive, especially in quieter areas of the country such as the small town of Mosonmagyaróvár which is near the Austrian border. It has a population of just over 30,000 people but is home to more than 160 dental offices.

In fact, Hungary is so affordable for dental tourism that American patients requiring extensive care or oral cosmetic surgeries could still pay less than half of what they would in the US, INCLUDING airfares and accommodations.

Asian Patients
Finally, the cornerstone country for dental tourism is Thailand, with the capital Bangkok home to a dental clinic on almost every street corner. Some clinics are even specifically set up to cater to dental tourists such as the Bangkok International Dental Center. However its location in Southeast Asia makes the cost of traveling that far greater than the savings for most western patients.

Bangkok sees a lot of dental tourism from many of the nearby Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Choosing the right dental clinic abroad

The GCR makes easy work out of choosing the right dental clinic abroad.

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You can then choose a clinic based on it’s GCR Score and price.

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In every country of the world, as the GCR has proved, you can find quality dental clinics. Use the GCR’s search facility to locate the right clinic for you – at home or abroad.

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