CROATIA: SMILE – GCR™ Internationally Accredited

SMILE is located in the center of Opatija, Croatia by the sea, on the famous promenade of Lungomare. Near the clinic is a public garage where all patients can park for free. They provide patients with organization of transfers and accommodation. If you come from overseas or remote parts of Croatia, they help you to arrange your trip and also help patients to choose and book accommodation in Opatija and other tourist places on the Opatija Riviera.

SMILE clinic in Croatia ranks in Top Dentistry clinics globally, with the GCR score of 4.4/5. Currently, it is also #1 best dental clinic in Opatija. This clinic has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards and became Internationally Accredited by GCR.

The clinic staff at Smile focuses primarily on hard cases – especially Bone Defect Surgery. Apart from that, they have range of specialists from variety of departments such as Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantology, Stomatology, Dental Surgery, Conservative dentistry, Prosthodontist, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment), Pediatric dentistry, Restorative dentistry, Periodontics, and Cosmetic dentistry.

Languages spoken at the clinic include English, German, Italian, and Croatian.

SMILE in Opatija is a branch of another reputable dental clinic situated by the Slovenian border.

A modern, specialized dental implantology clinic located directly on the seafront, the clinic is unique in it’s use of innovative dental advancements such as digital sterilization, lasers and patient monitoring methods.

Led by a highly qualified dental surgeon, the clinic is more of a “boutique” style with smaller patient numbers, and offering a VIP experience.

Local Ambassador verdict: Recommended.


SMILE is a member of the croatian center of excellence for world’s leading manufacturers such as Planmeca, Melag and Fotona. All services in one place (one stop shop). They have the latest generation of CT devices for superior diagnostics and variety of the latest devices and solutions a guarantee of superior service. Apart from GCR Accreditation, they have also ISO 9001 certification for oral surgery and implantology. They focus on absolute cleanliness and hygiene and guarantee sterility of equipment, instruments and devices.



When we asked SMILE’s clinic owner what are the main aspects that make this clinic so successful, he answered;

“As a medical practitioner, professional and ethical rules do not allow me to compromise – I propose to the patients only those interventions and procedures that will solve their long-term dental problems  – to eliminate the causes of discomfort and pain, make them smile and improve the quality of life. I love doing this, and seeing a satisfied patient is the most beautiful part of the job.

As an oral surgeon, specialized in implantology, the biggest challenge are patients who due to the complexity of their problems, were not good candidates for implant treatment or other dentists refused them. Every case is unique and even after thousands of performed implant work, I can find problems I have not faced yet. And so, to be ready to deal with the most serious cases, I can not rely solely on the experience and knowledge gained through continuous training and professional development. I need a top-notch clinic – outstanding working conditions, state-of-the-art technology and staff support that is always willing to give the patient maximum.

After experiencing work in clinics in Germany, from the desire to be the best in what we do and my passion for science and new technologies, we have created a Smile Dental Clinic. I can proudly say that the clinic has grown into one of the most qualified and technologically well-equipped clinic for implantology in this part of Europe. With Smile, my job is easier but also safer because I know that we provide every patient with the best possible service at a competitive price.”

Ph.D. MOM M.Sc Darko Slovša, DDC

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