Costa Rica: Top 10 Dental Clinic Rankings 2015

Results now available for the latest 2015 analysis of dental clinics in Costa Rica by GCR

In the GCR’s latest analysis of dental clinics in Costa Rica, Da Vinci’s Dental Care ranks as the leading clinic in San José and the whole of Costa Rica, when it comes to overall international clinic reputation. Unfortunately, there is currently not one dental clinic in Costa Rica that is international accredited yet by the GCR.


The GCR – Global Clinic Rating, the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide, aggregated and analyzed 100’s of dental clinics throughout Costa Rica during 2014 & 2015 including dental clinics in San José, Alajuela, Escazú, and many more cities.

Dental clinics were ranked according to their GCR Score & GCR Ranking, against other clinics in the same country & city on the level of apparent expertise, services, facilities and patient feedback available in the clinic. The GCR feedback score for each clinics includes patient rating scores from Google & Facebook and other independent rating providers.

A total of 328 dental clinics with at least 5 public reviews online were included in the study. The average GCR dental clinic quality score was 1.38, which is higher than the average GCR score of the Philippines & Vietnam, but lower than that of the UAE & Egypt – countries where the GCR has already assessed dental clinics in 2015.DaVinci’s Dental Care ranked no. 1 with a GCR Score of 4.08, followed by Tabash Dentistry (3.89) and Meza Dental (3.78).


Da Vinci’s Dental Care ranked also top of the list for the level of expertise available in the clinic, however Meza Dental came out top for their level of dental facilities available, Tasbash Dentistry for the level of services provided to patients, and Morera Fujiwara Dental for their levels of patient feedback.

For a country that is highly frequented by expats and medical tourists, with an excellent healthcare provision in other sectors, the overall GCR Score of the top clinics was unexpectedly lower than that of other countries worldwide where private dentistry costs are similar, such as Poland and Thailand.

As of Sep 2015, the average pay for a Dentist in Costa Rica is approximately €4400 per month.
Expats will find that most dentists in Costa Rica speak fluent English and a typical dentist consultation cost is about €30.00.
Costa Rica is on the same timezone as the US, and just a 3-5hr flight away, making it a strong alternative to having dentistry abroad in Mexico or crossing to Thailand.

When we asked Da Vinci’s Dental Care about what makes their clinic so successful in Costa Rica, they replied:

“We look at dentistry from a team approach and make it a priority to use the latest science and highest technology available today, such as Digital Smile Design Technology. When a person is involved in every step of their dental treatment, in a truly interactive way, it ensures the successful treatment for the patient and for the future of their oral health. We believe that applying new science and digital technology like the GCR can further enhance healthcare worldwide.”

costa-rica-reportYou can download the GCR’s full top 10 dental clinic report for Costa Rica to discover the names of the other dental clinics that made the GCR’s Top 10 dental clinic list in Costa Rica.

Click here to download the full Costa Rica Top 10 Clinics Report




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