Central & Eastern Europe: Top 100 Dental Clinics in 2018 (English Speaking)

Patients from all around the world suffer from different dental problems, nowadays. The dental treatments are really expensive in some countries and unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go for dental check-ups regularly. Some dental treatments like dental implants, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, implantation, root canal treatment are very financially demanding for some patients and therefore they decide to go for dental tourism.

In Central & Eastern Europe, you can find many great and affordable dentists and therefore GCR analysed this particular region for you.

According to the GCR’s latest analysis of dental clinics in the CEE region, Kalmar Implant Dentistry ranks as the leading clinic, when it comes to overall international clinic reputation. A total of 100 dental clinics were evaluated in the study. The average GCR dental clinic quality score was 2.59. This evaluation demonstrates the huge range of rising healthcare standards available in the region.

Are you planning to go for dental treatment abroad? See this Dental Guide, to learn how to choose a dentist abroad?

The GCR – Global Clinic Rating, the leading provider of healthcare clinic ratings worldwide, aggregated and analyzed dental clinics in the CEE region during 2018 including dental clinics in Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, etc.

Dental clinics were ranked according to their GCR Score, against other clinics in the same region on the level of apparent expertise, services, facilities and patient feedback available by the clinic. The GCR feedback score for the clinics includes patient rating scores from Google & Facebook and other independent rating providers.

Best dental clinics in CEE region

Kalmar Implant Dentistry ranked #1 with a GCR Score of 4.94, and ranks #1 from 126,070  dental clinics monitored worldwide, followed by Dentim Europe (4.81) and Polyclinic Rident – Rijeka(4.78).

It’s important to point out that the GCR Scores may change daily. It depends on what has been recently changed within clinics’ expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback. As a result, every little change in the clinic’s profile can affect the overall GCR Score of that particular clinic.

Here is the list of 10 out of 100 top dental clinics in the CEE region: 

   Kalmar Implant Dentistry

  Dentim Europe    PL
  Polyclinic Rident – Rijeka    HR
  HD Dental    HU
  Helvetic Clinics    HU
  Centrum Stomatologii Luxdentica    PL
  Smile    HR
  ARENA Dental Clinic    HR
  Dental Centre Ostojić



Download the GCR’s full report Top 100 Dental Clinics in Central & Eastern Europe (English Speaking) to discover the names of the other dental clinics that made it to the Top 100 dental clinic list. You can find there some brief statistics on these clinics.

Dental tourism in Central and Eastern Europe

Medical tourism is on the rise in the CEE region.  According to research published by PwC in 2017, medical tourism has been growing 12-15 per cent annually. The most popular medical destinations are Poland (plastic surgery, dentists), Hungary (high-quality dentists), Czech Republic (eye surgery or fertility treatments), etc.

Patients come to this region especially from the west and the east, for instance – Germany, the UK and Nordic countries. They are usually attracted by competitive prices that can be two to three times lower than in their home countries.

With regular, affordable flights to Eastern Europe available from a number of airports, having dental treatment abroad has never been easier. Patients are more aware of the cost differences thanks to adverts and articles about dental tourism. Dental tourism does offer people the chance to save money on dental treatment, but patients still need to check out the quality of what is on offer.

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