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How to display the Global Clinic Rating Score

Maria Fecikova | August 7, 2016

The Global Clinic Rating was created to improve transparency by providing patients with a fact-based statement about the level of standards available any healthcare clinic, anywhere in the world. The GCR Score tells the public whether a clinic is a 3,4…..

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3 Ways Smaller Clinics Compete With Hospitals and Larger Chains

Maria Fecikova | November 17, 2015

Small or independent clinics can find it difficult to effectively compete with retail clinics or medical giants; with fewer resources to hand and less brand recognition, it can feel like an uphill struggle. Fortunately there are certain advantages to working…..

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10 Essential Steps to Managing Your Clinic’s Reputation

Maria Fecikova | September 7, 2015

In recent years, the reputation of a medical clinic has emerged as the critical factor in a clinic’s success. According to a recent GCR survey of over 1000 medical clinics worldwide, increasing the clinic’s reputation is the top investment priority…..

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