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This is what clinic owners are scared of the most: 5 nightmares (+video)

Daniel Coulton Shaw | June 1, 2017

In April 2017 GCR.org conducted an insightful survey of 88 GCR.org Accredited clinic & hospital owners asking them this question: “What is the very WORST thing that could ever happen to your clinic?” A variety of short & long responses…..

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IMTJ summit insights

Daniel Coulton Shaw | May 16, 2017

The “IMTJ summit” organised by Intuition Communication Ltd. from the UK, is one of those conferences I look forward to each year. I’ve decided to share some notes on the summit, in the hope that other “medical conference organizers” in…..

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Top priority for medical tourism clinics in 2017: REPUTATION

Daniel Coulton Shaw | January 18, 2017

Someone has spent years of energy building the medical service you represent – maybe that person is even you – I don’t know. But as a medical clinic founder myself, I know first-hand the huge amounts of invested time, money,…..

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