Case study: Helvetic Clinic moves into the top 10 dental clinics in Hungary

While the Helvetic Clinic in Budapest , Hungary has always had an excellent GCR feedback score (4.95 from 200+ reviews), the overall GCR score of the Helvetic clinic remained slightly below the 4 star mark due to the fact that their GCR Facilities Score was low.

They lacked an on-site dental lab, a CBCT scan and on-site accommodation for their patients – all requirements of dental clinics worldwide that have a GCR Score of 4+

However, with help from the GCRs international benchmarking reports, the clinic owners, Jean-François Empain & Pierre Chaker from Switzerland immediately realised that by adding these facilities to their clinic, they could increase the clinics overall reputation, locally & internationally and in turn increase their GCR – Global Clinic Rating.



For this to happen, the clinic owners moved their clinic into a hotel on Revay street, right in the centre of Budapest, 100 meters from the Opera house to house the new facilities.

On the 11th of September, the GCR personally visited & verified the new Helvetic clinic.

The official opening of the latest dental clinic in Budapest was an amazing success. With over 4700 square meters of floor space, Helvetic Clinics Budapest is now a unique dental clinic of international standards equipped with state-of-the art technology.

helveticsThe GCR’s clinic ambassador – Daniel Shaw, remarked on the clinic:

“It’s wonderful to 1. be in a medical clinic but not feel like you’re in a hotel and 2. to be in a hotel and not to feel like you’re in a medical clinic. Helvetic have got it just right with their unique blend of a top hotel and dental clinic.

The premises are excellently thought out and not to forget the ample on-site dental lab (the heart of any dental clinic) which has excellent communication and support for both patients and doctors.

It’s obvious that the clinic owners have given much thought into including many “best practices” – both medical and nonmedical into their new premises, which has moved the “Helvetic Clinic” in Budapest towards being a strong international player in the dental tourism market.

Hence the GCR is proud to fully certify the Helvetic Clinic to International Accredited Standards.”

The GCR Score of the clinic rose to 4.46, bringing them into the world top 10 dental clinics, and 2nd position in Hungary, out of almost 200,000+ dental clinics worldwide.

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