Top private clinic trends for 2018

Through assessing almost 500,000 medical clinics worldwide, we really know which clinics are above international standards. Here’s a practical list of 30+ top private clinic trends that we have noticed throughout GCR accredited clinics & hospitals that we’ve worked within 2017.

We’re aware of the fact that some of these items have been used in your clinic for the past years and some of them are completely new to you. In any case, it’s worth reading through the list to see what you should be implementing in your clinic in 2018.

Data collection & analyses

☐ Patient & clinical outcomes collected

☐ Transparent patient outcomes published

☐ Patient records digitally available

☐ Cloud-based treatment planning & billing

☐ Clinic reputation analysis done monthly

☐ Treatment price analysis done half yearly

☐ Patient lead/booking analysis done weekly

Patient-oriented clinic trends

☐ Flexible opening times offered

☐ Multiple but integrated methods of contact used (walk-in, digital referrals, telephone, email, post, social chat apps)

☐ Patients contacted back within 15 mins of contact

☐ Welcome & aftercare packs offered

☐ Treatment coordinator-led experience for every patient

☐ New patient consultation evenings offered

☐ Telemedicine & teleconsultations offered

☐ End of treatment conversations held

☐ Extra concierge services offered (for example a clinic driver service, patient diet plans)

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Clinical team 

☐ Monthly investment into the ongoing expertise of the whole team from external organisations or other clinics (seminars, training, workshops, new certifications)

☐ Apprentice doctors used in workflow

☐ Average daily production measurement

☐ Operating cost per surgery per day measurement

☐ Internal marketing led by the team (instead of hiring an external marketing company)

☐ Morning team meetings held daily

☐ Compulsory use of the patient name by receptionists

☐ Clinic owner/stakeholder reports published daily (usually by email), discussed monthly

☐ Development of a clinic culture – a ‘team’ culture that not only makes the clinic a wonderful place to work but is inclusive of all patients entering the clinic so they too feel the embrace of ‘my’ clinic with “our clinic”

Facilities & services

☐ Investment in integrated digital treatment methods & flow (for example – Robotic surgery, digital smile design, impression free dentistry, CAD CAM milling)

☐ Increase family focus (looking at treating/caring for the whole family whenever, wherever possible)

☐ Treatment guarantees offered

☐ Treatment plan presentation & regular health reviews used for every patient

☐ Pain-free treatment offered & promoted (for example light sedation methods or “the wand” in dentistry)

Marketing & visibility

☐ Patient testimonial and photo “selfies”

☐ 3rd party proof of quality offered (for example through 3rd party accreditation and/or awards). Learn 9+1 ways on how to attract more new patient into your clinic. 

Anything we’ve missed from the list that you feel is new for 2018? Feel free to let us know at

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